Thursday, December 26, 2019

Nigerian Woman Married In 1984, Delivers Baby After Missing Her Menstruation For 13 Years

A Nigerian woman who got married in 1984, has welcomed her first child for the first time after missing her menstruation for 13 years...

Recalling how a nurse broke news of her pregnancy to her, Mrs Osiebo who welcomed a baby boy on December 13 said; 

“The nurse looked at my face and said, ‘Mummy, to God be the glory, you are pregnant. I was very surprised. "

58-year-old Dorcas Osiebo recalled how her hope was dashed after seeking for help from both traditional and orthodox medical practices. The woman who entered menopause in 2006, also revealed her younger sister who got married after her is already a grand-mother.

She said; 

“But early this year (2019), I just felt in my body as if I was pregnant, but I thought how can that be especially when I have not seen my period since 2006,” she said.
“I got married in January 1984, but there was no child at all; people who got married the same year with us have children; even my immediate younger sister has grand-children,” Dorcas said.

Nigerian woman who got married in 1984, delivers baby after missing her menstruation for 13 years

Facebook user, Wisdom Nwedene's post reads in part; 

She revealed that she was confused and excited when her Pastor’s wife, a nurse confirmed her pregnancy.
“I drank a lot of concoctions (herbal mixtures) in my effort to get pregnant.
“One of the concoctions, I cannot withstand the smell; to drink it; I will block my nose, and close my eyes before I can drink it.
“I did all these to make things better for me but nothing good came out of it,” she said.
“We have gone to many places and hospitals that we cannot even number them all. In 2006, my husband took me for scanning at a hospital in Jos and an obstruction was discovered (not fibroid).
“An operation was carried out at the hospital and I came back home but no solution, rather, since the operation was carried out, I didn’t see my period again.
“When I told my husband, he didn’t belief I was pregnant. But I discovered that I no longer like to eat my best foods and my clothes no longer size me,” she explained.
While her period of waiting for a child lasted, she said: “None of my in-laws disturbed me. My late father in-law did not disturb me, although he once asked why we were just folding our arms and doing nothing about the situation.
“We then told him that we were not folding our arms but trying our best, but that the thing never worked out.
“But I and my husband were worried. My husband is the first born of his father and I am the first of mine also.
“We have younger ones who already have good number of children but it is only us that did not have children of our own. Whenever we remembered all these, we were not happy,” she said.
However, Mr Osiebo said after a long period of marriage and prayer without a child he decided to depend on God for a miracle.
“But by the grace of God today, a baby boy has entered this family; that is the cause of my joy. I am very happy, thank God,” said the excited husband.

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