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BEAUTY: Natural Beauty, Beauty Supply & Beauty Qoutes


 is the attributes of a person, object, animal, place or idea that creates a sense of pleasure or satisfaction...Human beauty is measured by both inner beauty (phychological factors) and outer beauty (physical attractiveness). 


In historical perception of beauty, the standards of beauty have changed over time, due to the changing cultural values. Therefore, humans who are young or look younger with smooth skin, able bodies, and regular features, have traditionally been considered the most beautiful throughout history. The more reason why photos of such people are generally being used.

A study has shown that one of the attributes of beautiful women is explored to be a waist–hip ratio of approximately 0.7 (the higher the waist - hip ratio, the less curvy the woman is). It calculated as:
Waist measurement divided by Hip measurement. This implies a hourglass shape in women, depicting that women with hourglass figures are more fertile than other women prior to their higher levels of certain female hormones. This is not a generalization though, as it has been subjected to some contrary opinions. In some non-Western nations, men tend to prefer women with higher waist-hip ratios.

Beauty Supply


A beauty supply store can be defined as a retailer that specialises in selling cosmetics, hair-care products, clothing and/or beauty appliances. This should not be confused with beauty shop or beauty salon, because they share differences. It can also be called cosmetics store or beauty store. 


If it is beauty store 'without supply', it is then associated with large scales which provide a vast and glamorous shopping experience.

On the other hand, if it is beauty supply store 'with supply', it has to do with small scales with independent and reliable retailers.

A great example of a beauty store is Beauty Bay, where you can shop the latest beauty products online - new and established brands from around the world. Products include skin care, hair care and any beauty tool.

Natural Beauty


Natural beauty is being attractive without the use of makeup or any beauty product. People with this kind of beauty are known to be the most beautiful, as natural beauty is naturally beautiful. 'Beauty in the eyes of the beholder' is a relevant beauty quote because it varies with race, cast, color, and creed. In some races, small lips are considered beautiful while in another race, big lips are considered beautiful. Precisely, beauty is being attractive physically, providing pleasure to the senses.

Beauty can be hereditary. Natural beauty is simply looking attractive with makeup. It simply implies that your eyes are beautiful without applying eyeliner, eyeshadow or mascara and your lips are beautiful without applying lip balm or lipstick. 


Yes, natural beauty is real and everyone has their own form of natural beauty. Some have theirs in their hair, some have eyes that are elegant, some in their walking steps or even in their lips. Still, self-confidence can be the best because the way we see or perceive ourselves matters a lot. A lady with an inner glamor, inviting smile and an incomparable confidence will always stand out among the crowd.

Find your own natural beauty factor and explore the world. Stand with your confidence and showcase your natural charm to the world.

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Be BeYOUtiful!

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