Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Valentine's Day Is Being Overly Exaggerated


Valentine's day has historically become and subjected to be lovers' day. Every year on February 14, millions of people across the globe celebrate Valentine’s Day... People believe this day to be the most romantic time to make a declaration of love and feel love running through their veins.

Have you ever thought that Valentine's day is being exaggerated?
This is not hatred towards the day, but  reasons why it should stop being exaggerated.
BalFashion has brought the reasons why Valentine's day should not be overrated.

1. It can make you feel lonely

Either ways, whether you are in a relationship or you are not, Valentine's day can make you feel lonely. This is because, we tend to expect more from our prospective lovers and when we do not get enough, we feel disappointed and withdrawn.

Meanwhile, Valentine's day makes people who aren't in relationships feel less loved.

2. Pressure to celebrate it

There is always this push about Valentine's day to be celebrated by all and sundry. On the day, people are pressurized to showcase their lovers and you might thereby get stigmatized if you do not do so. Some go ahead to break their bank, just to make their lover overwhelmed.

3. Exploitation

Valentine's day all over the world has been widely commercialized as companies produce gross of greeting cards, toys and gifts, thereby giving people more reasons for an elaborate celebration of Valentine.

There is no longer option than to celebrate this so called 'lovers' day' so as to feel among. Many companies and organizations have commercialized this event and it has become an act of exploitation.

4. Feeling guilty

Not being financially stable to celebrate Valentine's day can cause you so much guilts. There will always be a flash of light on you to explain yourself, and this will make you so much uncomfortable.

5. Damage to relationships

Some people can always have elaborate celebrations of Valentine's day, thereby making relationships with less interest think that they have lost the spark of love and romance.

This might cause some relationships to break apart.

6. Everyday is a love day

It is not enough to subject a day to lovers' day, as love should be celebrated everyday of our lives. You should stretch out to your loved ones everyday expressing how much they mean to you.


Conclusively, this can be controversial but if you look through this article, you will feel the facts that Valentine's day is overrated. It can be celebrated on a lighter mode but doesn't really worth the hype. This is because everyday of your life should be of celebration of love, and not just on February 14.

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