Tuesday, October 1, 2019

How To Maintain Glowing And Fresh Skin!

When it comes to maintaining flawless skin, its quite easy. Once, you can follow these following tips, then you are good to go...

  1. Never go to bed with makeup on. Do not ever wear your makeup to bed regardless of how tired you are, endeavor to take it off. When you take off your makeup at night, it tells the difference between beautiful, glowing skin and a dull complexion with clogged pores. Study has shown that your pores get clogged because the makeup are being pushed deeper thereby resulting in acne. Another thing we should get to know is that; dead skin cells are meant to shed out every day. Therefore, when you tend to wear makeup 24/7, it can cause those cells to stick to the face leading to fine lines and breakouts. You can remove your makeup quickly without having to watch your face with water by using a cotton pad soaked with gentle cleanser, then dabbing it on your face. This is so effective than using water to wash the face as this wipes away all makeup in just seconds.
  2. Drinking plenty of water.  Make the habit of drinking plenty of water especially in the morning and night. Do not wait till you are super thirsty or exhausted before you think of taking water because at that point, you are already dehydrated. Hydration remains the key to keep your skin fresh and radiant. Wondering the justified amount of water to take? 8 glasses of water is the daily minimum required, therefore drink for glowing and fresh skin.
  3. Use sunscreen daily. People tend to think that sunscreen should only be used when they are out for an extended period of time. Suncreen should be used daily because even the incidental exposure to sun over few days still comes to tell on our skin resulting in brown spots and fine lines. Even the five minutes you spend outside before running into your office or shopping mall, adds up daily. In a year irrespective of the season, ensure to use a face cream with SPF 15 or higher.
  4. Get quality sleep and sleep on a clean bed.  Ensure you get sound sleep atleast 8 hours a day and therefore sleep on a clean bedsheet and pillowcase as you skin can pick dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, saliva, hair cream residual from the pillow-case that is dirty. You should only flip your pillow over once a week, then get it washed after then.
  5. Don't pick at your skin. When you have a pimple, blackhead, bump, do not pick at it even though it is so tempting to touch and rub. Leave until you have a whitehead that you can use two tissues to press out gently. When you pick on your skin, you are most likely to get your skin inflamed and adding more bacteria to the already affected area. If you have a blemish, hold an ice cube on it for 20 seconds interval to reduce the inflammation, then apply spot treatment.
  6. Regular workout. Getting yoga practices can make a positive effect on your skin, mood and entire body. This is because workout increases circulation thereby leading to great glow of skin. It can also help lower the stress hormone cortisol linked to skin aging, breakouts and clogged pores.

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