Sunday, May 26, 2019

Ways To Make Your Relaxed Hair Grow Longer And Fuller!

People have the false belief that black hair doesn't grow as quickly as other hair. Generally, every hair grows at an average of half inch in a month...
but depending on how you treat your hair. There is not any special trick in growing long hair other than you being committed to do that. 

The following are the tips to follow to enhance very long and strong healthy black hair. 

Take adequate diet

What we eat is very paramount in determining the overall appearance of our bodies as well as our hair. Your daily routine, eating and drinking can do a lot of effects on your hair. It is good to take enough fresh vegetables and fruits for your general health. Keep your body hydrated by drinking enough of water and regular exercise will do good to your body and invariably provide hair benefits since the hair grows directly from the body. If you are the type that has some vitamin deficiency, there might be tendency that you suffer from dry hair. Ensure your body has all the adequate vitamins to grow healthy long hair. 

Trimming the bad edges of your hair

If you really want your hair grow healthy, then you have to trim the bad edges to get rid of dry and damaged ends that can cause more harm by working themselves up to the scalp. A trim of the hair simply implies cutting of half inch or quarter inch of dry or unbalanced hair. You may need to trim your hair as daily routine, weekly routine, every six months depending on the rate of chemicals you apply to your hair. It is much better to care for your hair on a daily basis in order to avoid unnecessary trims. Ensure you get a professional stylist that knows exactly how much and when to trim your hair to enhance a long healthy hair or betterstill, you learn to do the trimming yourself. 

Engage in protective styling

Wearing protective styles will help you retain your enhanced long hair as the styling keeps the ends of your hair preventing them from breaking. You will definately love to keep this style because it showcases how long your hair is making you look elegant. With the protective styling, you hold up the ends of your hair in the moisture needed and keep out of sight to prevent the ends from drying which might results to breakage. At night, use a silk or satin pillowcase or hair cover for healthy hair instead of using a cotton pillowcase. 

Avoid heating up your hair

As much as stretching your hair is very fine, the hair stretcher shouldn't be too hot during the process. You should try and reduce the rate of heat styling. Go for other hairstyles that do not depend on much heat. Consequently, if you involve your hair in too much heat, you will end up having a dry and brittle hair with no length gains. 

When you realise you have hair breakage when relaxing your hair, then try to reduce or stop completely the chemical processes. Learn to work with your hair in its natural state as most women do not really know the real texture of their hair because the hair has been permed since inception. 

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