Friday, July 3, 2020

7 Reasons Why Most Ladies With Average Physical Beauty Are Better

There are some considerable facts surrounding women with average physical beauty (I mean the less attractive ladies that are not extremely beautiful)...
Some men would always say 'I can not marry an extremely gorgeous lady', this is not because they do not want to marry them, but because they believe they exhibit some characters they won't love. 
The following are the reasons why some men believe women with average physical beauty are better.
The list goes on.....

1. They do not have low self esteem because they don't give a damn about what people think of them. They are not majorly after how they look, therefore, you always have their full concentration.

2. They are not costly or exhibit high cost of maintenance. This is because there is no competition to outshine others.

3. They possess good character and great qualities.

4. They have reasonable ideas and they are very productive, because they do not engage in social media brouhaha.

5. It is of no wonder has great achievers of the world are the people with average beauty. This is because they grow passion for everything they engage in.

6. They are submissive in nature and gentle in character.

7. There are mostly physically and emotionally ready and that is the more reason why most men prefer to marry them.

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