Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Reasons Why Makeup Isn't Necessary!

For many, applying makeup is simply a section of their normal morning routine: wakeup, apply makeup, eat breakfast, etc. except for me, makeup...
has been exiled from my morning routine, and here’s why:

At now, i dont wear makeup to reinforce my beauty, but rather to cover it. I seemed like a totally different person without makeup on, which was quite weird. Not that I looked different, i have a greater feeling about my beauty and confidence.

Eventually, thanks to lack of time, i started wearing less and fewer makeup until I finally felt comfortable enough to wear none. Wearing no makeup takes tons of courage, but it shouldn’t. Everyone should feel as if they will show their natural face stupidly any less of themselves.

Now that you simply have my entire makeup history back-story, here are the explanations that I don’t wish to wear makeup:


Makeup takes such a lot time, time that i want (yes, I’m talking about you, sleep!). I don’t understand you, but i might much rather sleep in an additional half-hour approximately than awaken just to place on makeup. If it takes quite five minutes tops, count me out. Now, a swipe of mascara here and there doesn’t take quite a couple of seconds, but applying quite one or two makeup products becomes so time consuming. If you’re occurring a primary date or have a special night planned, I can understand the want to require a touch longer than usual to urge ready and apply a full face of makeup, but on an everyday basis, makeup, to me, is simply a waste of your time .


I touch my face more than the typical person does through out the day, and that i really don’t just like the greasy-ness that comes off on my fingers once I touch my face if I even have on foundation or BB cream. I also don’t just like the mask-like feeling once I have a layer of makeup on. To me, it feels very heavy, like my face cannot breathe. i really like having the ability to the touch my face and not be scared of messing up or moving my makeup. And don’t get me started on sweating with makeup on.

Less is more

Less is basically more. Some girls have the power to spend an hour on their makeup using 50 different products and honestly not look a tad bit different from their no-makeup self, except for most, makeup makes them seem like, well - that they're wearing makeup. i do know not everyone thinks like me, but i actually don’t just like the whole makeup look. i prefer makeup to seem natural and not cover any of my face. That’s why I attempt to pass the philosophy, “less is more.” People just look better with little to no makeup. they appear real.


My last reason for not eager to wear makeup is that the monetary aspect of it. The makeup industry is a $445 billion dollar industry, in line with Forbes Magazine. believe all the makeup you own - what proportion money would you've got saved if you never bought it? Personally, i might have a check for a couple of thousand dollars in my pocket immediately if I had never bought all the makeup I even have owned in my lifetime. Makeup is expensive - even drugstore varieties can add up quickly.

My final thoughts on makeup are although i'll not ever be ready to fully get obviate all of the makeup I currently own, I do believe that makeup isn't always necessary, and that i want to challenge you to point out how confident you're with none makeup, because no makeup is gorgeous.

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