Monday, January 27, 2020

Beginning Your Year With Purpose

It’s 2020, there are books and online e-books. Do your research and make up your mind about how you truly feel about a topic, so you can justify it when you speak out...
Don’t remain stuck in your myopic views or ideologies, read far and wide and learn so many things.
Hey people, it’s the beginning of another decade. Even if January has almost come to an end, this decade is still fresh, right? Many of us already have plans and resolutions for this year but permit me to add a little more to it. Now, before you scowl and grumble, you should realize that without these points, you might not get the desired results from your set goals.

Stop apologizing for your thoughts and beliefs
Unless your thoughts and beliefs are racist, sexist or just plain mean, you should be unapologetic about them. Do you and be you!

Learn to unlearn
That you already have a preconceived notion or idea in your head about a particular subject doesn’t mean it’s the right one.

Stand up for yourself
When faced with adversities, learn to say ‘no, this isn’t what I did or said’. Don’t be that person who says yes even when it’s not in your favour. This decade, stop being taken advantage of – whether in your workplace or even at home.

Speak up
I cannot stress this enough. It’s not enough to believe in equal opportunities, we should also have the courage to put our colleagues, family members, and even our bosses in check. I personally made a promise to myself that I won’t put up with chauvinistic and sexist comments directed at me, be it from my boss or family. It’s not enough to stand for something, we should also put people in check so they can learn to be accountable for the words coming out of their mouths.

Learn to budget
It would surprise you that not many people actually sit down to budget every month. Budgeting teaches discipline. Following it strictly would pay off in the long run. Have a schedule of your expenditure every month and allocate a particular sum to it. Also, follow the budget strictly. That’s the only way it will work for you. Is this difficult? Heck yeah, it is. But trust me when I say it pays off.

This can’t be over-emphasized enough. Set aside money every month for your savings. You can open a different bank account for this purpose (don’t get an ATM card so you won’t be tempted) Also, don’t touch your savings for any reason unless there’s an emergency, of course. It’ll amaze you how strict discipline pays off for you at the end.

Be nice
You’d think this is basic right? Surprisingly, it’s not. Every day, from my interactions and what I see, I’ve noticed that the acts of kindness exhibited are extremely few. It doesn’t take anything away from you to become a decent human being or do random acts of kindness like slowing down so people can cross the road. It’s hard out here for those who don’t have cars and helping out is good. Being a decent human builds your character. Let’s stop judging and show more compassion. You can start a personal mission – exhibit one random act of kindness a day. Just one, and see how much better your life will be.

Don’t be a hypocrite
When you preach something, have the courage to exhibit it. Don’t be out here talking and condemning, meanwhile you’re not who you claim to be.

Finally, we are all capable of doing much more that we think we can. We are all much stronger than we think we are. Just have faith and keep pushing. Have courage, be kind and be a better you.
Here you have it people, which of these tips will you put into practice right away? Have more to add? Please share with me.

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