Sunday, August 23, 2020

'Mummy Calm Down' Boy Becomes A Real Estate Ambassador In Abuja (Photos)

There was a video of a young lad trending about weeks ago, where the 4-year old boy tries to offset his mother's anger not to punish him severely... He was repeatedly saying 'mummy calm down' which eventually turned sarcasm. This went viral on the internet as people regarded the video as comedy. Some others learnt some lessons in the video from the boy's courage, confidence and resilience.

Oreofeoluwa Lawal-Babalola goes by his name and from this video, fortune has come his way. He got signed as a brand ambassador for a real estate company in Abuja 'T Pumpy Concept Limited'. Mr Akintayo Adaralegbe who is the MD of the company, has spoken on why he decided to choose the boy. According to him, he said he was moved by his smartness, intelligence and confidence.

The young boy becomes a star with the nickname 'MUMMY CALM DOWN'. His parents are so happy and appreciative for this opportunity. His mom, Mrs Lawal-Babalola has promised to ensure he attained his dreams.

This is a great priviledge!

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