Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Popping Your Manicure And Pedicure Greatly!

There are some things more laxative than having your hands and feet being fondled at the spa or trying to paint them yourself...
This technique allows you to reduce attention on your phone, focus on a thing and add little sparkle to yourself. Strict rules will take out pleasure and leisure from the mani-pedi stuff, but be rest assured there are great guidelines to keep your nails healtheir and extend the stress of your paint job. Not only do manicure and pedicure make you appear great, but also meditative and healthy.
Standard pedicures take time and money, but you can get same results at home. Here's how:

Set, Soak

First, you must remove the old polish and neat up the feet. Virgin coconut oil fights micro organisms. Important oils promote adhesive, nutrition and pleasant scents into the skin. Pineapple works the same way. Start with nail polish remover to eliminate old polish, taking care of all the nooks and crannies of the nail.
Fill a bowl with a gallon of warm water and 4 cups of pineapple juice and a drop of essential oil, such as coconut oil or mint. Alcohol or oils are essential, like lavender or mint. Soak for at least 10 minutes by rotating and turning the toes and feet.


Use orange stick, flippers or cotton to clean round and under the nails. Carefully massage each foot while still under soaking.


Epsom salts are antibiotics, detoxifiers and exfoliators. Sugar is a good scrub and pineapple juice is also the same way.
Combine 1/8 cup of warm water with 1/4 of Epsom salts or sugar with 1/4 glass of virgin coconut oil. For more, think of throwing two slices of fresh pineapple in the mixture. In both pieces of fresh peanut butter or coconut chips too. Remove one foot from the water at a time. Dip your hands inside the mixture, rinse and massage thoroughly with a sponge or callus stone.


Get each foot dry and massage with cuticle oil. It is not a good thing to push your cuticles back because they protect the nail bed. If you want to moisturize, carefully bend them back with the orange stick. Then take care of each foot, cuticles and nails with coconut oil. Rub it in, then massage the nails dry until they are good enough to accept nail polish.

Nail Filing

Clean the nails thoroughly, making sure not to cut the skin. File your nails to make them evenly shaped.
Maintaining the order of filing is the best way because pointed nails tend to break easily.

Polish and Buff

Always apply nail polish very carefully, not to being in a hurry when applying nail polish.
Base coat can prevent yellowing and try to warm nail up in order to strengthen and protect the nails.
Two types of coats of colors provide long lasting pedicure, stay dry for at least two to three minutes between each coat.


The nails can look dry before being ready for socks or shoes, which can be cause smudges and lines if put on quickly. At least, there should be minimum of 20 minutes in open air before being ready for shoes  or socks. To make that faster, a fan or dryer can help.

How to make an interesting and stunning long lasting manicure

  • Sealing colors, the top coat is what gives the 'mani-pedi' that radiant glow and luster. When applying nail polish, give the colors time space, that is, 60 seconds to settle before applying another top coat.

  • Try not to use any blow dryers or hot ovens immediately after applying nail polish. Most people do not know this, but nail polish takes about 12 hours to be perfect. When too much heat is applied to nail polish, it can cause it to melt. The great trick in fastening the hardening of nail polish is to dip your nails in cold water for few minutes.

  • Strong fragrance and scented lotions can make your nail polish to crack, ensure to use lotions that are with less scents or are unscented, if at all you need to moisturize.

  • Deal gently with gel manicures. Keeping the gel or acrylic nails on should not exceed two weeks, but cutting it off should be three weeks. Its bad to keep them on for long as they cause damge to cuticles and nail beds. Always beware of expired nail polish in order not to cause infection.

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