Friday, January 11, 2019

Trendy Glamor! Gorgeous Owambe Styles To Try Out

Every weekend has different items and covers, you do not want to wear your normal look, as you do on ordinary days, fashion takes time as it improves with various chic styles by the day...

It has become customs in our society, especially in Lagos, where we have
bigger Yorubas, that weekends are being spent with fun among family
and friends.
The name commonly accepted for parties in Lagos is OWAMBE, and
during these days, people fall into their glamorous and specially tailored outfits, to brighten up the event and spice up the whole event.
Nigerians (yes, Nigerians, because all tribes are good, are all well represented in Lagos) exhibit remarkable view of fashion sense.
These are celebrations that make the center of the stage in traditional
Africa society. Even though the celebration took place as a new level.
They rarely occur at certain times of the year; now happens on Saturday. Today, there is no weekend in Nigeria without Owambe.
Owambe defines an extravagant and colorful event (party) thrown by Nigerians which is often featured by colorful, expensive, spending, extravaganza, paparazzi, food, music, dance and networking. Nigerians value owambes so paramountly as there is a popular created hash tag 'Owambes for saturdays'.
This happens mostly in western Nigeria, especially in Yoruba culture. Often, they are done during weddings, birthdays, naming ceremony, anniversaries, house-warmings and sometimes, funerals.
In general, the larger the Owambe party will determine how successful it will become. The elaboration of the party is solely dependent on the guests, dignitaries, friends and families that graced the party.
Exceptional of contingencies, owambe are usually done on weekends especially on Saturdays. Many natives serve as family members. Guests may meet their loved ones who are far away for the first time. On top of that, they are usually attended by bachelors, spinsters as well as dignitaries which becomes a way to create meaningful connections with life.
Food and milk are often abundant. Some guests may take home variety of nutrients of food at home that are being processed, as some people take as much as they can hold in their stomach. Although many types of food are being available at Owambe parties but the common food is Jollof rice.
The mystery Jollof has made gave rise to an eternal war
"which jollof is better'' between Nigeria and Ghana. Amala is local dish served which is made from a solid paste called yam flour(elubo) and also semovita which is made from factory paste done in industries. Along side, small chops are always available in the likes of chinchin, puff-puff, doughnuts, roasted plaintain, barbecue (asun) and others just to serve as refreshment before and after the food is being served.
Lately, Balfashion reserved some time for Owambe and we can not resist the diverse fashion styles and modifications we testified.
Here, are some brought to your comfort.

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