Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Best Color Combinations For Traditional Weddings!

Getting the right color combination for your wedding can be a little bit tasking and choosing the right color scheme for Nigerian wedding is very complicated...
The couple is one who knows perfectly the color combo that suits them because they understand their personality better. Here is the list of most popular wedding colors in which you can choose from.

Blue and White

Blue as a wedding color has always been in vogue from inception, even as it is a deep color; it looks refreshing always. This color proffers royalty to the couple's look. This color is chosen by many couples ranging from different shades to shades. You can combine this color with many other flashy colors, be it, pink, white, silver, red and others. Moreover, yellow is being suggested here to be combined with the blue as it creates a fabulous shade. This color is unique in the sense that it can be dressed up or down looking effortlessly gorgeous with any fabrics and print. Blue gives a feeling of freshness as it can be chosen for a summer wedding when the weather is hot.  

Wine and Silver

Brides love to choose the color wine mostly among all other warm colors because wine or pink related color symbolises femininity. Wine looks adorable with any kind of pairings as it inspires many fashion designers. This is also a color often chosen by couples and can be in various shades. Wine can be combined with beige, white, blue and other pastel colors. Any of these combinations make a perfect standout for pink. You might pair with silver or other metallics if you want a bolder outlook.  

Champagne gold and White

This is one of the latest trending wedding colors at the moment as this combo can never be out of trend. Champagne gold as a color can blend with dramatic shades like white, navy blue or black and can also be paired with any kind of shade. The combination of champagne gold and white is almost loved by all and sundry as it is a true classic combo providing elegance in your outlook. 

Green and Gold

This is a special color combo for couples who are looking for great color combo for their wedding. When chooding color combo for your wedding, it doesn't only imply the color of your wedding dress or bonquet but you need to consider the whole picture of the event. Green is one of the colors loved by the fashionistas as it proffers freshness, beauty and energy. The more reason why it is mostly chosen for wedding colors is because it has forgiving features and can be paired with mostly all colors. You can go for the green and gold combo to achieve that fresh and chic outlook. 

Purple and Yellow

Brides will always look stunning in a purple dress, which will look fabulously great when combined with yellow, white, gold or orange. When choosing purple,  lighter and darker shade should be considered so as to match both masculinity and femininity. 

There are more variety of beautiful color combinations for wedding but the listed color combos have been the ones used most and loved by most. You can get yourself some tips from this post to choose what would suit or fit you more. 

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