Sunday, September 20, 2020

How To Have Pink Lips Naturally And Permanently


Everyone desires to have pink lips, as they add a soft-touch look to the face. You can wish to have pink lips but keeping healthy and hydrated lips is paramount... People tend to pay less attention to the health of their lips because they believe, they aren't necessary. If you really want to have healthy, soft, pink, plump lips, then extra attention should be shifted to your mouth.

The following are tips on how to have pink lips.

Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliating means eliminating dead skin cells to reveal new healthy ones. It should be done frequently, like once or twice a week. You can exfoliate your lips with some homemade scrubs or you apply a lip balm before going to bed at night. Leave the lip balm on overnight, then wipe off with a damp cloth or gently rub off with a toothbrush in the morning. Exfoliate your lips accordingly, if you want to have pink lips.

Stay hydrated

Not drinking enough water daily is one of the reasons of dry chapped lips. Endeavor to dry atleast eight glasses of water daily. Do not wait to feel thirsty before you take water. Staying hydrated is very good in our overall wellbeing. For you to have pink healthy lips, you have to keep yourself hydrated.


Do not leave your lips dry as this can cause breakouts. Moisturize with quality lip balms or with natural moisturizers like aloe vera, honey etc.
Moisturizing your lips regularly is one of the surest tips to have pink lips.

Protection from sun

Sun is known to be an havoc to the skin. Research has shown that limited people used sunscreen as lip protection compared to their bodies.
Applying adequate sunscreen can help slow down aging. Your lips can get damaged from UV rays, therefore use sunscreen for your lip protection. Protecting yourself from sun guarantees you healthy pink lips.

Take off your makeup before bed

Sleeping with your makeup on is a very bad thing. This can block your pores causing breakouts. This also implies to your lips. Ensure you remove your lipstick before going to bed at night. Do not go to bed with your make-up, if you desire to have pink lips.

Limit exposure to toxin

Try to avoid smoking or any other smoke related substances. Polluted air and harsh chemicals can cause dry and chapped lips. Cut short yourself from harmful substances, if you want to have or maintain pink lips.

The aforementioned are tips on how to have pink lips naturally and permanently.
Having pink soft lips is a sign of being healthy, therefore ensure you have pink lips. They also add to your beauty proliferating an adorable outlook.
Have and maintain your pink lips now!


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