Thursday, November 7, 2019

Hairstyles For Men: 6 Stylish Hairstyles For Fashionable Men!

Stylish hairstyle for men
Some people would argue that footwear is the first thing people look at from the first appearance, but you all can agree with me that it's the hair - hairstyle...
This is because hairstyle is the determinant of the face outlook.
You can never miss out if you have the right chic hairstyle on because that will make all eyes on you.
Having that in mind, you have to get familiar with some chic hairstyles for men so as to look fabulously attractive and to trend in the current men's fashion. From these nine hairstyles that would be amalyzed, you have got to like them all as they were endorsed by the UK's best barbers. Ideas for hairstyles for men is here to make you chic as ever.

French Crop

This is the type of hairstyle that suits virtually all face shapes but more suitable for men that grows thinner on top. In this hairstyle for men, the hair will be forward slightly with some lengths in the fringe thereby covering receding patches. This hairstyle for men has low maintenance cost because it looks natural and can be worn without any styling product because it tends to fall in place naturally. This is perfectly for someone who visits the gym regularly or someone who loves to swim alot. 
If you feel like applying styling product to the hairstyle, then it should be a little hairspray because French Crop is an hairstyle meant to be left natural. The upkeep of this hairstyle has nothing to do with styling but trimming every three weeks to maintain the chic appearance of the hairstyle.

The Buzz Cut

With this hairstyle for men, you have to get a well shaped head to actually make it work because it is a timeless style. We can say this hairstyle was named after the sound they make. Though the look is achieved using clippers but however there are other less severe alternatives for those without square jaw but perfectly proportionate head.
If you happen to fall into that category, opt for a shape that is slightly square all over, with more length on the top. Scissor-over-comb technique is a better one over the clipper technique exclusively and it is highly recommended for this category. When cutting, you should work on the shape of the head to make a more flattering overall cut.

The Slick Back

This 'slick back' hairstyle has been in existence since 1920s and had made impact ever since then. Prior to that time, it was beneficial to have a hairstyle that won't be messed up even when wearing hat (this was an indicator of one's class around early 20th century). It has always evolved since then being a timeless classic.
This is most appropriate for straight hair and not curly hair because the more curl you have, the more difficult it would not slick back properly. This is very versatile as it fits every face shapes so far you have straight hair. It is very chic as it allows the facial features like moustaches and beards to look more prominent, thereby providing frame for the face.
This hairstyle for men is not suitable for those with receding hairline because the slick back look will be in recession with a far from prominent look.

The Side-Parting

This hairstyle was particularly popular from 1920s - 1940s but has been revived into limelight again. This is like an alternative to the 'slick back' style.
The haircut has short back and also sides, it is also versatile as it will suit most face shapes and hair types. There can be risk of looking like a comb-over, if the hair is too long and thinner at the top. This hairstyle of men is short enough to be kept neat and tidy.

The Quiff

This is an iconic hairstyle that is suitable for all ages, hair types and face shapes but not suitable for those with receding hairlines because it exposes the forehead. Decide on the contemporary or classic cut before you go into this so as to ensure that quiff works best for you.
The contemporary quiff features a dramatic contrast between long hair at the top of the head and clippered back providing a disconnected effect. The classic quiff is the one with the shorter hair at the top of the head.

The Pompadour

This made a debut from the chief mistress to the French King Louis XV in the 1750s. This was originally a feminine style with history of hundred years. The pompadour requires thickness of the hair before you can opt into it so that it provides support for itself when created. 
This hairstyle can be varied in the style structure to provide flattering outlook. Someone with narrow or round face should wear a pompadour wider and softer, slicking the hair at the side of your head to slim down the overall face.

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