Sunday, November 10, 2019

'How I Stayed Relevant Over The Years' - Linda Ikeji

Celebrity billionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji has come to reveal how she stayed relevant being in limelight for over 13 years...
She made a post on her IG page, captioning:

'Did you know I'm the most searched female personality in Nigeria in the last 10 years? (2008 - 2018) Infact, the only Nigerian woman in the top 10 list. This is according to Google!.
One of the most common questions that people ask me when I go speak with them is how I've managed to stay relevant after so many years. You have to understand that I came online in 2006 and 13 years later, we are still here, still thriving. Still relevant. My answer to that question is;
I keep evolving, keep reinventing myself, keep educating myself. I'm open to new trends and jump on it. I try to be more interesting these days. Open up a bit more of who I am. And always share my truth. That's why a 16-year old can walk up to me and say I've read your story and I'm inspired. That's because she has an archive to read of stories I've told over time, starting from when she was 3 years old. Lol.
To be a one-hit wonder is easy. Staying relevant through the years is hard. To continue to get attention, you have to constantly innovate and be creative..and remember to do today's job with today's method! Move with the tide ❤ #happysunday'


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