Monday, April 20, 2020

How To Learn From Other's Mistakes!

As humans, we make mistakes. The ideology of learning from our own mistakes is actually real, in as much we try to accept them as mistakes...
This is the more reason why lessons learned from a mistake are usually avoided.

Others' mistakes make us learn certain lessons without having the experiences. We are taught the lessons yet we only meet them with empathy without passing out judgement and criticism. We can learn so much that we elaborate on the consequences of others prior to choosing other options.

Staying aware of being mistaken is one of the weapons of learning from other's mistakes. It is essential to believe we are all infallible because this will create an avenue to quickly admit the mistakes and learn from them.
Learning new things
There is apparently no other reason why we focus on other's behavior than to learn from them. There are opportunities to learn everyday. When we have the drive to learn new things, it will be easier to gain more experience. As people engage in new things, there are always mistakes and we learn from it.

Life should be on taking cognizance of one's errors and also other's errors, therefore we can have our lives on intelligence. Remember, no one is infallible!

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