Friday, June 7, 2019

Exercising Your Brain For Happiness And Success!

You always have so many thoughts on your mind each day. Therefore, it implies that you have so many chances to either build you up or tear you apart...

If you are the type who calls yourself names, doubts your abilities and skills or having second guess about your thoughts, then you are likely to harm your performance and also you will be putting your psychological and physical health at risk. Moreover, you can always influence your thinking and actions.
The following are the five exercises that will train your brain for happiness and success

Distinguish between thinking and solving problems.
Thinking about how to overcome problems is a good thing while thinking you can't overcome the problems or tolerating the pain is a setback. When you think so much about something, take a minute to understand if you are actually ruminating over problem or thinking on how to solve it. If you find out you are actually solving or preventing the problems, then you can continue the process. On the other hand, if you keep pondering on what has already happened or making pessimistic predictions about things you have no control over, then you have to change that act. Cheer up to change your mood or try and meddle into things that will keep your mind off that. Be focus on more productive activities.

Give yourself an advice you can give to a good friend
If you are the type who beats up yourself and exaggerating your mistakes, then you are most likely to drag yourself down which might lead to low self esteem. If you have a good inner critic, then you will know your self worth and be able to value it. Self-compassion has been linked to psychological welfare and good body image in order to enhance self worth and esteem. Just create a habit of having a good critic, that is, speaking to yourself in a good manner and the same way you will speak to a good friend of yours.

Balance your emotions
It should be understood that you can only make the best decision when you balance up your emotions. Even though you are faced with financial difficulties or in a dilemma, try to balance your emotions before taking any decision. Increase your emotions at the same rate with your thinking. You can balance your emotions by creating a list of the problems and conditions, then start striking out the less important ones, with that, you will be able to make the best decisions in all situations.

Show gratitude
Make it a habit to show gratitude to even the simplest thing of your life because that is the most effective way to boost your happiness and well-being. Gratitude has a link with some psychological benefits and happiness as you will be happier if you practise gratitude.

Create a good mindset for yourself
It is very important you set a healthy mindset for yourself as the conversations with yourself have greater control in your life and in your mental health. Build your mental muscle if you want to reach the greatest potential.

Train your brain for happiness and success by exercising on these tips.
Stay happy always!

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