Friday, April 10, 2020

Behold The Amazing Beauty Of Comedian Lizzy Jay 'Omo Ibadan'

Adebola Adeyela popularly known as Lizzy jay Omo Ibadan can definately pass for a korean lady because her resemblance for that race is one in town... She looks pretty much like them. She clamours on getting a china or korean visa just to pay them a visit. With her look, you definately will argue she is from a yoruba lineage. 

Prior to her failed admission, she discovered her potentials while waiting to get admitted. She ventured into a niche, particularly in comedy skits. She started little without believing she can come to limelight and now she is living large.

Her body features and structure, especially her face looks more like a korean babe and even her set of teeth and that has given her upper  recognition in the industry. 

She shared her gorgeous makeup photos on her social media space, looking super radiant.

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