Thursday, February 20, 2020

How To Wash Braids: Step-By-Step

Not only are braids a good search for many individuals most especially women, but they will also help grow your hair without it suffering from the weather...
However, when not well taken care of, braids can become a styling dream that may seem impossible. Here are some recommendations on the way to look after your braids so as to enjoy their full range of advantages. See also, benefits of hair steaming.

Choose the proper shampoo and conditioner. While any shampoo or conditioner will work, it's better to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, especially if your scalp is dry and itchy. Opt for the products that best suits your hair type.

Cover your nape and hairline. Massage patiently every inch of the scalp, paying close attention to itchy or affected areas. Before applying the shampoo, rub it between your hands to activate the scalps. This may make it easier to use to your scalp.
If desired, use a basic (or fancy) spray bottle to dilute the shampoo and permit for easier application. Additionally to water and shampoo, moisturizer are often added to the bottle if needed. Let the lather run over the braids. Try not to rub the braids an excessive amount of, as this will cause frizzing. Instead, specialise in massaging the scalp. 

Apply conditioner. Use fingers to figure conditioner into the braids. Don't rub or shift your braids. Instead, gently depress on your braids, pushing the conditioner into them. Then, cover your braids with a cap. Let the conditioner sit for about quarter-hour before removing the cap and rinsing thoroughly.

Dry braids by wrapping them into a large towel. Confirm that all of the braids are tucked in, and leave the towel on for ten minutes. After some minutes between 5 - 10 minutes, remove the towel and let your hair dry before applying moisturizer.


  • Before braiding your hair, provide it an oil treatment. It's generally a nasty idea to braid hair that's weak, dry and overworked. The hair health can be renewed with the help of an oil treatment with vitamin E and making the braiding process much easier.
  • Braid hair correctly. This may not only make it more manageable but also will produce healthier hair once the braids are removed. Here are some recommendations on the way to braid hair correctly.
  • Make sure your braids are parted neatly.
  • Use even and gentle tension in order that you are not pulling too hard on the scalp.
  • Do not make braids too tight.
  • Leave braids certain two months at the most.
  • Re-braid your hair once you see noticeable growth.
  • Choose a method of braid which will not be too hard on your hair and scalp.
  • Wash your braids weekly. You'll wash your braids once every week. This may assist you keep your hair clean without exposing it to too many hair products. If you've got an oily scalp, you want to wash your hair this often.
  • If your hair is extremely dry, you'll be ready to wait 2 weeks between washes. However, don't do that too often.

Moisturize and Wear a head scarf while sleeping. This may help prevent braids from becoming tangled and gathering lint. Use a satin or silk scarf as against a cotton scarf which will absorb an outsized portion of the moisturizer.

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