Friday, May 17, 2019

Ways To Keep Your Braids Looking Fresh!

If you are trying to protect your hair from the dynamic climate, pissed off with your twist-outs, tired of transitioning or just want to change up the whole style...
Protective styles are fabulous ways to protect your hair and making it low of maintenance. The most costly mistake that can be made when protective styling is ignoring your hair for months after being braided up.

If you have your hair in braids, you have to follow these essential maintenance guidelines to achieve a healthy looking hair after loosing the braid. You will marvel at your hair after you unravel the braids and you will rejoice seeing your long and healthy hair.

Protecting the hair at night
Since inception, we've known that it is a good practice to tie up our hair at night. Therefore, we tend to tie the hair when it is out or trying to keep the hair fresh but after wearing braid styles; we throw out this habit. It is good to cover your head with a satin headscarf at night in order to keep the edges fresh and provides protection to your hair roots when sleeping. If you are so uncomfortable about using satin scarf, then you can use satin pillowcase for the same protection and you can also opt for both options for more effective results. Invest in a satin pillowcase to wrap your head, should in case your satin headscarf falls off during sleep; you will still have the satin pillowcase to protect your hair.  

Give moisture in your scalp
This habit is a little bit tasking as you might not be chanced to spray your hair, but not actually hair per say. It is the root, which can take just like 5 minutes to get a quick spritz. The hair also needs moisture as your skin needs. The hair needs the best moisture which is water and most especially the scalp. The roots of our hair do not really need heavy gels and oils because they end up clogging our pores and creating difficulty for our roots to be moisturized. 

Washing your hair in every two weeks
Damage can be caused to your hair through the buildup of dirt, sweat and germs from the stress of the day. Moreover, you do not need to enter the shower with your braids if you don't like that. You can always separately wash your hair with shampoo, dry with a cloth and part your hair down into sections. Repeat this process atleast once in two weeks to keep off your hair from smelling and leave your scalp looking fresh. 

Avoid pulling too tight when styling
When you try to style your hair, do it gently to avoid pulling too tight your hairline. Twisting and braiding style do look more adorable when tied atop the head which is a good way to experiment with your look. Avoid constantly styling your hair into high ponytails as this weakens your hair as well as your hairline. Stop styling your ponytail everyday rather style thrice in a week. 

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