Sunday, September 13, 2020

'My Arms Are Too Big, So I Don't Like To Wear Sleeveless Dresses' - Actress Biodun Okeowo


Actress Biodun Okeowo who has never failed in updating us with her hot fashion styles is at it again. She steps out in stylish sleeveless gown in... mini length, and this is very unlike her. She rarely wears armless or sleeveless dresses because of the reasons best known to her.

Recently, she revealed why she detest wearing sleeveless dresses as she poses in one. She stepped out in style, posing in chic gown. She captioned the photo:

'I was forced to rock this sleeveless casual dress. Story behind it is, I feel my arms are too big, so I don't like to wear sleeveless at all. 

What do you think? Should I start rocking sleeveless or NO?'

She leaves her fans to decide for her whether she should start wearing sleeveless dresses or not. According to her, she was actually forced to wear the dress. It really looked nice on her though!

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