Wednesday, September 23, 2020

How To Make Lips Red Naturally!


Everyone gets tired of applying lipstick at a point in time? If you desire red lips without the application of red lipstick, then you have to conditioning and moisturizing your lips to bring out their natural color.

The following are the tips to try out on how to make lips red naturally. 


Always leave your lips moisturized at all times to make lips red naturally. Moisturize your lips with a subtle lip gloss made with berry or beet juice as this is a great natural trick to make your lips add a colorful boost. To bring out the best of your lips, use sunscreen and moisturizer so they'll always look bright and supple instead of flaky and dull. Moisturization remains one of the surest tips on how to make lips red naturally.

Apply natural red fruit juice

Use red fruit juice with natural colour to accelarate making lip red. Use fruit juice like pomegranate juice, cherry juice, cranberry juice. Dip a cotton swab into any of these juices, apply it on your lips over and over again, then seal it with a quality lip balm to retain the red lips. This is another one on how to make lips red naturally.

Keep your lips healthy

The health of your lips shoud be paramount to you, if you want to make lips red naturally. 

  • Avoid sun and always apply sunscreen protection to your lips.
  • Avoid smoking and exposure to toxins.
  • Always stay hydrated.
Keep healthy lips to make your lips red naturally.


The aforementioned are the tips to make lips red naturally. Get that soft touch look by making your lips red naturally.

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