Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Meet Actress Moji Olaiya's Daughter Who Looks So Gorgeous

Actress Moji Olaiya who is the daughter of the popular high life musician, Victor Olaiya died in 2018... Moji Olaiya passed away in Canada, barely two months after she delivered a baby girl. She was a successful actress who started her career by staring in Wale Adenuga productions. She left behind two daughters of which one is much younger and the other is grown up. 

Adunola Farombi is one of Moji Olaiya's daughters and she is 21 years old. She is very beautiful and adorable. She graduated from Babcock University recently, she surfaced online looking pretty as ever.

She celebrated her 21st birthday on February 25 this year. Yet, you can argue she is over that because of her beauty. She has a striking resemblance with her mother. She is gaining recognition from her mother's fame and hardwork. 

What a beautiful daughter! 

See her photos:

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