Wednesday, October 7, 2020

5 Different Nail Shapes: How To Shape Your Nails


You should spice up your fashion life with an appropriate nail shape that will make you more elegant. Maintaining fine nails is one of the... prerequisite of making gorgeous outlooks. Your looks can never be completed without having neat nails. You look more stylish and groomed when we take care of your nails. Fashionistas and celebrities never take their nail designs for granted because they are conscious of the glamor they add to their beauties.

BalFashion has collated five different nail shapes you can rock to special events.


Oval Nail Shape


This type of nail shape accentuates the elegant features of women and this is because of the tampered side walls created in oval shapes. The oval nail shape flattens the wider sides, thereby creating a longer length. To create a perfect oval nail shape, file the side walls straight up and ensure they are  even at both sides.

Square Nail Shape


This type of nail shape can also be called 'Classic French' because of its strong side walls that are sharp and round. This shape accentuates the nails to look shorter and wider. If you desire to make a very long nails, it would be advisable to rock the square nail shape as this will flatter the length. To create this shape, file the upper front (breath) of the nails and ensure they're perpendicular to the edges of the nails.

Squoval (Square oval) Nail Shape

This is the nail shape that combines both oval and square features. This is the most popular nail shape for natural nails. If you want to create this nail shape, begin with square features before converting into oval features. File the edges until they are rounded and levelled. Be careful, not to over file the sides.

Round Nail Shape

This is the type of nail shape that fits people who keep short nails. Men tend to keep this kind of nail shape the most. This is also one of the most conservative shapes of the bunch. This shape flatters wide nails, and gives the illusion of a thinner nail bed. File the side edges straight like a square, then round the free edge into that perfect swooping circle.

‌Almond/Pointed Nail Shape

‌This is a very popular nail shape that is making fashion trends of recent. It is well known for acrylic and nail art designs, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. This avant-garde nail shape is popular among celebrities. A great inspiration of this nail shape Lady Gaga, who likes rocking it! This nail shape can make your fingers look lengthened and slender. Although, it is not okay for an everyday look. File the side edges evenly and very well until you've reached the desired tip.

You should be able to recognise the best nail shape that fits your fingers perfectly. This article should have given you the insights on when to rock a particular nail shape and how to create your favourite nail shape.

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