Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Comedian Lizzy Jay 'Omo Ibadan' Can Pass For A Korean (Photos)

Adebola Adeyela popularly known as Lizzy jay Omo Ibadan can actually pass as a korean lady. She looks very much like them...

Lizzy jay can be the definition of 'every disappointment is a blessing' because she craved for the entertainment industry due to the delay in getting admission into the tertiary institution. Due to failed admission, she decided to make use of her potential while waiting to get admitted. She ventured into a niche, particularly in comedy skits. She started little and now she is living large.

Her body features and structure, most especially her face looks more like a korean babe and that has given her more recognition in the industry. 

She shared her gorgeous makeup photos on her social media space, with caption:

'One day I am just going to ask my dad, if we have a Korean in my lineage'.

See other photos:

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