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Neiron Ball: Lifestyle, Career & Death


Neiron Ball was born on August 20, 1992 at Georgia, United States. He was an American footballer. He lived for 27 years before his death...
He went to Jackson High School where he played football for Coach Mike Paris. He was born American to Ronnie and Johanna. He can be classified as 'white'. He was a very strong and determined man, who gives his career the adequate attention. He rolled into success despite the challenges he encountered and not having his parents by his side while growing. His journey of life can just be subjected to the term 'focus'. He practised christianity during his lifetime.

Neiron Ball played a 27-20 win against the Cleveland Browns and he got his first sack against Josh McCown on September 27, 2015. Though, he played at college in 2011 to 2014 at Florida. His first game was the one he started in Florida before proceeding to Cleveland Browns.

At his point of death, his estimated net worth is $560k and till date, no yet update on his salary before he died. No update has been gotten on the salary he attained before he died.

Ball maintained casual and simple, not minding any sexual interactions. Neiron didn't get married till his death. There is no rumour on his relationship with the opposite sex. He neither has a wife or girlfriend. Even, there was no relationship recorded for him. He was plain and simple. He, however, assumed not to have a girlfriend not to talk of a wife till he died. Definately, he had no surviving child as his sexual understanding was simple.

Body measurements
Ball can be described as a tall and handsome man as he had a huge atlethic body. He had height of 6ft and 3 inches with bodyweight of 79kg. His hair was black in colour. His eyes colour were brown with medium black eyelashes. He is fit just like the way he worked.

His mother and father were Johanna Ball and Ronnie Ball respectively. His mother suffered heart attack and he lost her when he was barely six years old. Three years later after this incident, he also lost his father to lung cancer.
He has a sister named Natalie Ball Myrick. His sister got married to Myrick and Neiron Ball assumed her husband as a father figure. During the death of Neiron Ball, Natalie was the one who broke the news of his death to the public. She disseminated the terrific news on her facebook page which really left the people of the world in shock. He gave up the ghost on a monday morning at around 4am.
He grew up with his other family members in Jackson, Georgia around southeast of Atlanta. He acquired his education and became a football star. His brother, Neland Ball also graduated from Jackson High School.
The Ball's family went through some difficult challenges and the recent of all, was when they lost Neiron Ball at the age of 27, eight years after the diagnosis of Arteriovenous malformation.

He developed a form of health problem called arteriovenous malformation in 2011 but later recovered from the illness. Thereafter, in December 2018, he was diagnosed again with aneurysm and went into medically-induced coma. He later died from the condition on September 9, 2019 in Jackson, Georgia where he was born.
Neiron did health insurance for himself but unfortunately, couldn't cover his medical expenses needed to help him recover from the illness. The family put up 'GoFundMe page' on July 23, 2019 on his behalf, to allow people to contribute funds regarding his illness. The GoFundMe raised almost $137,000 to provide assistance in covering his medical expenses. The current players of NFL and the former Florida teammates donated within the range of $1,000 to $10,000 each. Other teams which he played with, also contributed to the fund. The fund really went a long way but, Neiron Ball couldn't survive from the illness.
Although, the Ball's family expressed their appreciation to the people who donated to cater for his medical expenses. They showed immense gratitude to the love, care and concern showered on their family.
Neiron Bell's death was indeed a great loss to everyone as people expressed how he was loved by all and sundry.

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