Thursday, October 1, 2020

Checkout How This Young Lady Celebrated Nigeria At 60

A young Nigerian lady celebrates Nigeria at 60 in an exquisite way. Her Facebook name is identified as Ella Ada and she delivered a great... message to all Nigerians amidst the Independence celebration.

She shared many photos of herself rocking in a green white green outfit, and she posed in strategic backgrounds. Her photos depict what Nigeria is currently passing through. She has been making rounds across social media platforms as Nigerians accorded her respect for the analogy.

She captioned the photos:

'Happy 60th independent anniversary*
Please what are we celebrating are we celebrating good road or are we celebrating hunger yet you tell us to stay at home stay at home with hunger stay at home without food people are dying everyday no job� no food� to eat and we are at 60th� are we going to continue to live in darkness� please let change beginning in this country we need our freedom please make everything right in this country are we going to continue to live in pains � and agony and suffering all this years say no to corruption Nigeria �'

See other photos:

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