Thursday, February 28, 2019

Growing Longer Eyelashes To Enhance That Youthful Natural Look

I honorably believe everyone wants or wishes to have longer eyelashes. Definately, everyone wants or wishes to have long eyelashes which can be gotten naturally without using the...
toxic glue used when applying fake eyelashes. The perfect way is to get natural long eyelashes and not the fake eyelashes that would eventually fall off. The natural way of expressing one's beauty is to work on how to get your own long eyelashes which profers your own natural beauty. Fake and artificial eyelashes have always been popular, but the natural eyelashes should be the most preffered as the fake eyelashes are far from looking natural. Even the glue used in sticking them to the eyes, might not be in favor of your skin getting harm done to your eyes when not applied appropriately. The eye area are super sensitive, therefore we should be mindful of what is being applied there because the application of fake eyelashes with glue are always too close to the eye area.  To stay off this, grow your own natural eyelashes and gush over your natural beauty.

Check out for the great tips and ways to enhance longer eyelashes naturally from this post. 

Castor Oil
Castor oil has functions of growing eyelashes and also for the growth of hair. This really amaze works when trying to grow long eyelashes and even for eyebrows. This contains super beneficial properties like anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties with high source of nutrients that fasten hair growth. 
To apply the castor oil, ensure you have a clean eye area free from any makeup products. Use your finger to rub the castor oil all over the eyelashes. Just one or atmost two drops of the Castor oil is enough to cover the eyelashes for each eye. Apply this for some times of the week as each little drop of the oil goes a long way. 

Lavender Essential oil and Coconut oil
Lavender essential oil has many beneficial properties as it helps greatly increase hair growth and also get rid of harmful radicals.  Study has proven the effectiveness of lavender essential oil. Also, coconut oil has antibacterial and antimicrobirial properties that soothes and enrich hair growth. Therefore, it can be mixed with lavender essential oil for fast and efficient results. 
Mix a little quantity of coconut oil with a larger portion of lavender essential oil, use either cotton wool or your finger to apply around your whole eyelashes. 

Eyelids Massaging
Giving the eyelid and around the eyelashes area a good massage helps blood flow and circulation which proliferates the growth of the eyelashes. This great tip can also be done to enhance hair growth by massaging the scalp, you encourage the growth of the hair. 
This can be done for some days in the week, but for fast result, it should be done once in a day.

You do not need to wait too long for result. As you can continue using these tips for a whole year, the results will definately show up before then. The results are so visible within 3 months of usage. 
Try this and wear that natural beauty look forever!

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