Monday, February 18, 2019

Complimenting Handbags With Your Outfit!

How to connect with bags and clothes.
When choosing an appropriate handbag, there are many things you must keep in mind which include the color, shape, size and pattern...

Handbags are the real MVPs for women. What else provides protection and security to your phone, purse, lipstick, lipgloss and gives you that additional finishing touch to any outfit? Handbags are must-have for all women whether you are going to the office, formal event, informal outing, it is a must to carry a handbag to your side.
Generally, your handbag should be the theme of your outfit, but it should
not be correlated with your outfit as this causes clash. Use it to select one or two colors which are being played with either in your clothes or shoes. Bal Fashion has brought forward some tips and ideas on complimenting handbags with your outfits.

Tote Handbags

Tote handbags compliments virtually all form of dressings excluding evening gowns! Rock your tote bag with a tailored trouser suit for an organization, use your designer handbag to make fashion statement to casual outfits, including skinny jeans and leggings. The tote bag displays both the classic and exciting features. It can be used on shopping trips or as a plus to corporate suit as it makes your outfit more glamorous.

Slouch Bags

Slouch bags are great when it comes to adding contemporary fashion statements. This type of handbag has variety textures and fabrics unlike tote handbags. Always avoid making clash with your outfit, if your handbag has lots of detailings, then go for a free print outfit. The size of a slouch bag is also paramount; the bigger the better. Pair this handbag with leggings or three-quarter length skinny jeans and a black blazer. The oversized type of this bag exaggerate your figure, so to correct that roll up your sleeves so your arms will show slim and elegant.

Casual Bags

The casual bags are now trending more and becoming in vogue. These are perfect addition to your work outfits and for social outings. Casual bags are chic and can be rocked with sleek outfits such as high waist trouser with chiffon blouse, floral dresses and skirt and cardigan combos. Choose the navy striped pattern for a holiday, mind you, a pattern handbag must be worn with block colors and match atleast one active color in your outfit. For example, for green and white stripes go for white linen trousers.

Clutch Bags

Contradicting the tote bag, clutch bags can only be worn with evening dresses, gowns or formal wears. A Clutch bag with chain has a great advantage on wider middle women as it does not draw attention to their stomach and it is also versatile for carrying. The clutch in the bag is generally regarded as an extension or plus to your outfit, therefore, it should match your shoes, scarf, or jacket. If you are wearing outfit with plain colors then go for clutches in metallic materials or accessories to add glamor to your look.

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