Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ideal Wedding Colors And Meanings!

Deciding a color for your wedding dress? Obviously, choosing a color for your wedding dress might be tasking and even more complicated when it comes to Nigerian weddings...
Never panic, wedding colors and their meanings would be provided in this post. 
There are several factors to consider when choosong wedding color as the bride and groom actually need to think and decide well as per the color combination they are using for their wedding. Presently, bold and sharp colors are chosen by the brides excluding the customary white wedding dresses. Colors like pink, royal blue, yellow, gold and others are used especially in traditional Nigerian wedding. Each color depicts a symbolic meaning that reveals the actual way of life of the couple and the vision of their proposed wedding. Acknowledge and lear about wedding colors and also their meanings before venturing into colored wedding dresses in Nigeria.
For traditional weddings attire, the color combinations to be used by the couple should be different outrightly from the wedding guests and decorations used to enhance a colorful and bright event. This provides an outstanding look to the couple by not going in matching color with the wedding guests.


Red depicts strength and health and this color is often chosen by modern day brides which symbolizes love and passion. Some proposed brides are timid to choose red because they believe it symbolize grudges between the couple. Even though, aggresive, social, impulsive people prefer to choose red as their wedding color. Various meanings have been given to different shades of red like red-like orange which symbolizes pleasure and desire, light red symbolizes joy and also dark red symbolizes power and courage. Someone who loves red can be subject to optimism, enthusiasm and confidence. 


Pink purely symbolizes beauty as we know it is a color loved by females in general. It is a mixturs of red and white neutralizing it to become pink which also means pureness and joy. This color is chosen as wedding color by funny and artistic people. People who love pink are emotional, affectionate and like being loved and secured. It virtually means happy love when chosen as a wedding color by couples. 


Blue symbolizes softness, tranquility and compassion. Blue is a color massively embraced by masculinity and thats why it is a popular chosen color especially among the grooms' families. It establishes a feeling of freshness and that is why it is mostly chosen when the temperature is high. Light blue is mostly preferred by people who are understanding and gentle. Dark blue shows degree of seriousness and knowledge. Blue is versatile in nature. 


Purple is the mixture of red and blue. It is a color that signifies royalty. Combination of purple with gold symbolizes wealth and extravagance. Its a color combination that goes well with couple. 


This color signifies warmth and brightness. This color has exquisite advantages like boosting one's appetite because of its lightness properties. Nigerian young people love this citrus color as it profers light and brightness. This color is mostly chosen by young optimistic people. 

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