Monday, February 25, 2019

Rocking Maxi Skirts Gorgeously!

Skirts are beautiful designed garments worn by females. They are part of garments which hang free on the waist then flowing down. They extends in downward direction from the waist... Skirts are worn mostly in western countries, but now, it is trending mostly in all countries. 
Maxi skirts are also making a comeback to fashion life as they were mostly worn in India as their cultural outfits. Indian ladies invested fashion life to maxi skirts as they are adorned and accessorized beautifully which enticed people of other countries to rock them. A maxi skirt is known to be a garment that covers the hip to the entire legs. They vary in types and styles accordingly. 

The fashion designers make various models of designs of skirts which encourage and entice the fashion girls to rock maxi skirts fabulously. The accessories and costumes used to adore the skirts enable the girls to look stunning and gorgeous in them when rocked to events. Invest in all sorts of maxi skirts with diverse styles. 
Now, down to the history of maxi skirts. The history of maxi skirts dates back to the late 1970s, then there was an empowerment feminist programme to empower women and one of the campaigns then was to avoid sexual abuse and wearing maxi skirts was encouraged by them. Today, fashion designers have been encouraging vintage fashion and that is the more reason why celebrities rock fashionable maxi skirts as evening outfit, casual outfit or as a corporate outfit. 

Relax, before going to shop for maxi skirts, there are essential basics you need to know about maxi skirts. The basics include the cuts, hemlines, type of fabrics, lengths and designs. Importantly, you need to understand what color, cut, design suit your body shape most. 

  • Place the skirt at the thinnest part of your waist or manipulate your big tummy by placing the skirt below your breast covering all irregularities. 
  • Choosing the appropriate top to pair with the skirt, a longer shirt can be worn on the skirt but not too long, the shirt that falls on the hip region and should not be tuck in.
  • For more fashionable look, a crop top is a good option to pair with a maxi skirt. Rock a crop top with fashionable details like beads or sequins.
  • The challenging part is to know the appropriate length for yourself as we all have different heights. Always try to run a test on maxi skirts when shopping for them to get the accurate length of skirt for yourself. 
  • For women with very tall nature, the maxi skirt length can be used to flatten your figure and hide the feet.
  • For shorter women, the length of skirt should be a few inches above her ankle to ensure a taller look and also heels can be used as addictive of height. 

For slimmer and tall women, all sorts of maxi skirts will be perfect on them. So, this category of women can eagerly choose from any pattern, print or composition of maxi skirts from neutral to bold colors. Use detailed blouses to compliment them. 

For shorter women with petite figure, maxi skirts can be used to manipulate your height with the length of your skirt. Light weight materials look good on women with smaller stature. Always avoid skirts with bold prints and heavy gathered skirt designs. 

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