Monday, February 4, 2019

Complimenting Your Hairstyle With Your Outfit

There is lot more to dressing than just picking up some gorgeous clothes. Accessories, shoes, bags, makeups, but of course, styling your hair goes a long way to your outlook...

Never miss the mark on any of the essential fashion statements, else you will look a mess. It takes skills, experience and little knowledge to reach perfection. Ofcourse, you have to ask yourself a lot of questions before trying to come up with a complete, clean look.
For example, where are you going? Who will you follow? What is your
goal: the corporate, casual, smart casual or business casual and the chic pieces you wish to rock?
In addition, to guide you in the right direction when styling your hair, we
have practical tips to correct your dressing and to match your hairstyle to your outfit.
Here are some outfits ideas and matching hairstyles to compliment your look:

Lace styles

This comes with a sense of elegance and fashion. This should be matched with a beautiful wave hairstyle that is pulled out loosely. This will top up your look and gives you that befitting standard.

Halter/Tank tops

This dressing shows off your neck, shoulders and back, and so it calls for less distraction when choosing hairstyle. This means lesser attention should be given to hairstyle when rocking this dress. Place it with a bun or a large bun, or create a spine that adds a hint of hustle without making it attractive by the quality of your dress.

Off-Shoulder Dresses

 It's about getting balance when rocking a one shoulder dress. Compliment this type of dressing by sweeping all your hair to one side of your shoulder that is less busy with the hair having waves or curls. If you wish you can pull it into a low ponytail yet still leaving it at the less busy shoulder but should be kept out of the face.
At the end of it all, the only thing you have to avoid is a simple way of packing the hair, because this makes a lot of women look immature than they are which is not the type of vibe you wish.

Sporty style

If you are the type that loves sports, then styling your hair should be practical. After all, during the sport hours running and bouncing around, you will not like your hair in your face. Yet, you do not want your well-made hairstyle to fall out during sport hours.
Some of the best ways to style your hair includes ponytails, braids and buns. But, of course, you may need to wear a hairspray to avoid hair fall out during sports.

Corporate outfit

Whether it's a job interview or just office hours, hair styling matters
most when wearing a corporate outfit. If you are majorly wearing a corporate outfit i.e high heeled shoes, suit, accessories and a handbag, just go for a simple hairstyle like a simple pony or low bun.  Styling products like fix hairspray, styling and smoothing hair brush will make all things smart just like office work demands.

Casual Outfits

If you have no formal outing, you have many more hairstyles options to
choose from. For example, a simple t-shirt works with strolling hair but pull up your face in a messy bun or braid either curled or straight. The best and great way of going casual is that you can find many hairstyles to rock as well as from your stylist.
So go ahead and enjoy ... it's the best way to come in terms of hair!

Finally, it is important that you pay attention to how to put all your outfits together (makeup, bags, shoes, accessories and even hairstyles) if you want to wow.

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