Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Fitness has always been a trendy glamor as it helps greatly in health improvement. Storming the gym can be in either ways, whether to loose...
weight i.e gain fitness or to get more stamina to yourself. Both motives can be achieved by rocking the appropriate gym outfit! Confused about what gym outfits to rock for your workout? We(Bal Fashion) bring to you the right gym outfits for your workout. Watch out!

Positively, Sports and athletics have become legit fashion trends. Therefore, how do you make great fashion statements from your gym outfits? Follow these tips to slay effortlessly in your gym wears.

Sports Bra

A sport bra is a very paramount outfit when trying out a workout as it provides adequate support for your breasts. You might otherwise think you don't need a sport bra for fitness, but it is very essential. Ensure to wear the bra with front closure so that the zipper will not cause hindrances when exercising the back.

Sport Leggings

Always wear sport leggings for your work out because of the extra elastic and stretch in leggings. Sport leggings allow for easy movement and comfortability during workout. Never wear leg pants as they do not stretch much and less elastic. Sport leggings can help curb leg press or squat.

Fitness top

Always choose a sleeveless top or probably a t-shirt and importantly, it should be any flexible breathable material because it work best for fitness. Rocking this type of workout outfits avoid excessive sweating during a serious workout.

Fitness Accessories

A water bottle should be your best accessory to provide you the right hydration during workout. This is very important during workout to avoid the unexpected. Secondly, hand gloves to provide better grip of things when doing workout pertaining to the hand as your hands would be sweaty. Ensure the right fitness accessories!

Sweatpants + Cardigans (depending)

Combine a cardigan  (one of my favorites) with right sweatpants for the ultimate sporty look. Have all confidence in this look, showing off part of your skin as you rock sport bra. You don't have to look less smart in this look, confidence is the key!

Put on a jacket.

Jackets are good way to wow in athelic look going from the gym to having date with friends, whether being tied around the waist or worn. To pop in jacket, go extreme in rocking a tank top with sport leggings.

Tone down your amazing print with black which is a strong color choice. This is the best way to rock your gym outfits even outside the gym.
Feeling exhausted and tired? Sure, you will be covered with sweat. Trust me, when you rock right fitness outfit to workout, you will feel the difference as the outfit will consume some sweats leaving you less sweaty. The fabric of the clothes go a long way in choosing the right workout wears.

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