Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How To Get Your Large And Oversized Shoes To Fit

Have you ever fall in love with a pair of nice shoes, only you to find out there are not in your appropriate size? Definately, you know that could be a great heartbreak...
If you have shoes larger than your normal size of shoes, you might get pissed off from buying them because you feel they might not fit properly. For instance, if you are the type that uses size 7 of shoes, and you get to a store to find a pair of shoes in your desired choice larger than size 7 but not too large, this might cause your feet to slide in them.

Read through these tips in order to be confident when choosing your style of shoes, making that large pair of shoes a full smaller ones. 

  • Get a pair of insoles and gently place them in each pair of the shoes. This tip will provide more comfort and also give it more fitting. Choose the appropriate type of insoles for your pair of shoes and also for the thicker foam kind of insole. Some kind of insoles still require further requirements as they still need to be cut down to the right size of the pair of the shoes and this can be done with a pair of sharp scissors. 
  • This tip provides 1/8 to 1/4 inch more fitness to the shoes when done. Use a foam heel pad to the back of each heel. Wear the shoes to check the fitness, if they still feel large and not too fit on you, then you can try out this other tip.
  • Put another heel pad at the back of the already installed heel pad earlier but now, the heel pad should be the cushioned type. After this, try out the shoes once more and you will feel they are perfectly fit. Otherwise, then stack another heel pad to the back of the heels. 
  • Another tip is to take the pair of shoes to a shoe repair shop to make enquiry if they can allow material for an adequate fit because some shoes can not be professionally altered with sizing issues. This tip might be cost intensive but it is a permanent solution to never worry about your feet sliding into your shoes. This might be expensive than using insoles or strips but it is the most appropriate. 
  • Using shoe strips overcome the problem of gap at the back of your shoes. Get packs of multiple stripes to fix this kind of problem. Wear the shoes to test the largeness or space in the shoes, you can try walking around to determine that. Put a strip in the back of your shoes, slip them back with your feet and test walk with it. If it still not fit, continue with layer of strips to get the size right. 

Avoid getting overly large shoes. To test this, when you wear a pair of shoes and you can comfortably dip your finger at the back of the shoes, then you sense they are too large. The best thing to do is to get a smaller or appropriate size or probably walk away from buying the shoes because shoe strips, pads and insoles won't solve the problem and might eventually get sick of the shoes. 

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