Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Signs Of Low Self Esteem Every Woman Should Avoid!

Self esteem can be defined as the belief in one's capability, ability and mantaining a sense of competence. On the contrary, low self esteem can be defined as a lack of faith in one's competence and ability...
High self esteem can speed up success while low self esteem can slow it down. These are the signs of low self esteem to avoid 

  • You succumb easily during a conversation more often. You try to negotiate your views so as to avoid conflict. You prefer to accept other's views than to express yourself in honesty. To overcome this, always give an affirmation to yourself like ' i live originally', 'my opinion matters'. 
  • You tend to take criticism personally that you get emotional anytime your co-worker gives you constructive criticism. You tend to wind up yelling at your friends when they criticize you. React to criticism objectively instead of emotionally. To overcome this, try to count to 3 before responding to any criticism.
  •  You see yourself having a second guess about what you want to say before saying it instead of diving into a conversation without a thought. You will find yourself have negative self talk. If you want to overcome this, you have to focus on your breath to avoid over-thinking and stop having second guess about yourself. 
  • You tend to change your mind easily even after making simple decisions. Once you come to another decision, you will always change your mind over and ovef again and this will keep occuring. If you want to overcome this, vocalize the affirmation that 'I own my life' and 'I am assertive'. 
  • You find it difficult to handle genuine compliments and consequently you reflect when complimented genuinely instead of accepting the compliment graciously. This is the tip of overcoming this: practice the affirmation ' I have many good qualities' and 'I am worthy to be loved'. 
  • Low self esteem causes you to give up so soon. You tend to give up on your goals and dreams so easily before they start at all. There won't be confidence in your success which results in you giving up totally. To overcome this, practice the affirmation 'I am not a failure avoider' and 'I am a success'.
  • You compare yourself with others and pay attention to those you see are more successful than you. You should instead focus on your journey only and not constantly keeping an eye on someone else's own. Declare this affirmation to yourself to overcome 'I am more than enough' 
  • You tend to sit still on a spot with little or no friends in social functions. As much as you what to make friends, you are always scared of interacting with new people because of the fear of criticism. You fake to check your phone to appear more socially connected. Practice the affirmation 'I am loved' to overcome this problem. 
  • You become a makeup addict gaining a false sense of self esteem . You won't feel self esteem from within if you continue with heavy everyday makeup. Try to feel good about yourself naturally and also wear your natural face sometimes. Always give yourself the daily affirmation ' I am beautiful' to gain more self confidence about yourself. 

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