Friday, April 26, 2019

How To Dress To A Networking Event

Networking event could be the peak of business development, therefore deciding what to wear could be tasking, having different ideas on what to wear but no specific idea on one...
Hope you understand smart casual or have you ever rocked in business casual outfit? Add a new trend to your mix. 
Actually, there is not one format for dressing up for this kind of event, pending on the type of your organization or the kind of business environment you are meddling into. This post will provide you what to wear in situations like this and what should be avoided.

Mostly, networking events are at the side of business casual. If you are not a lawyer or accountant, try to play safe by rocking a blazer with patched pockets. Wearing a blazer is more casual than a suit and do not wear a tie with the blazer. Put a lapel pin on top of your shirt to start an instant conversation.

Guys can rock dark trousers with a white button-up shirt but have to blend in immediately with people wearing same. To stand out from the crowd, distinguish yourself by paying attention to detail. 

Career Fair

In this kind of formal event, dressing should be exactly like that of job interview. You happen to be in the market for a new position if you are opportuned to be at career fair. You always want to make a great impression when handling your CV to potential employers. You might be chanced to do an one-on-one interview, which implies you must show up in your best outfit. Get dressed in corporate outfit and check out how you look in a full length mirror.


Networking will not be the centre of attention, if you are trying to attend a conference or seminar events. Therefore, you will have to meet professionals throughout the day and during the seminar breaks. Smart casuals are highly recognized in this type of event. 

Social events with colleagues

This kind of event can be somehow complicated especially when it comes to the dressing, because it is not that related to total office event likewise is it a night party with friends. Rock a fun pattern or bold color to the event to create an exquisite look for yourself. Always be on the conservative side when in doubt.  

Lunch coffee meeting

This is a meeting that involves someone you have mutual and cordial relationship with, therefore there is less pressure present here. When you have meeting with someone with mutual connection, you tend to feel less tensed and the conversation becomes a free one. Any meeting that exhibits lunch date proffers something you will be absolutely comfortable with. 

Dressings to networking events nowadays have a more relaxed code because most of the people that attended are still going to work after the event. Prior to that, they have to wear something corporate. Accountants tend to dress differently so also the engineers and lawyers. Always have in mind that, it's better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed. 

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