Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Easy Overnight Beauty Tips You Probably Don't Know!

We all don't have much time to spend because there are lots of things on our minds. The more reason why these favorite tips are being shared to...
utilize the most out of the overnight hours. There are also products that give your skin extra glow and hacks that place beauty in your sleep. 

Growing your eyelashes with serum

You can grow your eyelashes with the application of growth serum to your lash line every evening, consequently will result in more length over the course of weeks.

Castor oil which is known to be home lash growth remedy and other remedies have been debunked. There are products out there known to speed up growth as they are scientifically formulated. Apply the products by on your clean dry lash line and wipe off the excess in the morning. 

Scrubbing your lips

A homemade lip scrub is a good way to go about this. It is one of the most effective and easiest beauty tips. To exfoliate your lips, take a teaspoon of sugar, add coconut or olive oil to form a paste, then use your finger to apply on your lips to eliminate dry and flaky lips. Scrub your lips with the paste and let it sit for some minutes, then wipe off the excess with a damp cloth. After wiping away the paste, then use your favorite lip balm and you will always wake up with softer lips.

Provide glorious waves for your hair

Before you go to bed, comb through damp hair with a dollop of styling mousse and make some loose box braids considering your hair thickness and length. After waking up from your sleep, loose the box braids and apply hair serum and spray for dazzling hair.

Use a silk pillowcase

Indulging in silk pillowcase for sleeping has some important benefits even though there is no scientific hand pointing that it has some signs of premature aging. To start with, silk pillowcases help to reduce sleep-related creases and this is very cogent as no one wants to get to the office hitting the snooze button. Also, they prevent tugging at your hair proliferating more confidence which guarantees good hair. Generally, silk pillowcases are more comfortable to touch and cooler to feel unlike the polyester pillows or cotton pillows, they promote more sound sleep. 

Nourishing your body

As much as an adequate diet is required, so also is the morning vitamins. You can also include night time supplements to fuel your body throughout the dat with rich fruits and veggies, proteins and adequate water in-take. Ensure you nourish your body while you sleep. 

Emphasize on sleeping creams

There is always time your body and skin are in repair mode and that is when the importance of night skincare regimen sets in. Cleansing at night is very paramount because it removes makeup, dirt, oil and sweats on the face throughout the day. After cleansing, apply cream specially made for night use. 

Applying dry shampoo to your hair at night

Apply dry shampoo to the roots of your hair before sleeping at night, if you really desire to get one more day out of your hairstyle. With this, you will wake up to see bouncy and fresh hair with oily roots.

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