Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How To Shape Eyebrows Without Spending

There are guidelines to ensure your eyebrows are on point, even though getting the perfect eyebrows might seem difficult...
Eyebrows need to be studied and can be described as sisters and not twins because they look similar but not outrightly different. We tend to recruit everyone over the bold brows camp and even at that, some women like the natural look; they do not fancy drawing out eyebrows. Notwithstanding, we still can search for a place and also time for every beauty look. Brows with makeup free face can be worn too. Learn the adventure of natural eyebrows to explore more in your own fashion world. Interested in trying something new? Or searching for more tips on what you love doing? Join this adventure as you gain more tips to enhance your beauty. 

This is the guide to achieve the perfect eyebrows of your dream. 

Step 1

Apply eyebrow gel

This is the first step to adopt when shaping the eyebrow to ensure the hair are flattened. The eyebrow gel helps to keep the hair in place in order to make it easier to shape and trim 

Step 2

To get rid of unwanted hair

Use a pair of slanted tweezers to remove unwanted hair. When carrying out this process, use one hand to stretch out your skin and use the other hand to hold the tweezers. By doing this, the process will be less painful. Pull off the unwanted hair towards the direction of the hair growth. This step is very good and will help prevent hair ingrown. Then, use your brow brush to brush the remaining hair aside to see if there is still need to shave more.  

Step 3

Trim the eyebrow

Trim your eyebrows with curved scissors and lash comb. The curved scissors are highly recommended because they help maintain the arch of the brows when trimming. Brush the brow with the brow brush regularly to see where corrections are needed. 

Step 4

Use facial razor for shaping eyebrows

Stretch out your skin again, now in a vertical manner and use the facial razor to remove the unwanted hair on top of the brows. Be mindful when doing this, to avoid overshapping  in order not to ruin the whole eyebrow shape. Now, move to the eyebrow and begin by shaving from the outer to the inner corner of the brows. This process will help remove the hard leftover hair that was hard for the tweezer to remove. 

Step 5

Fill in the brows

This is one of the final steps and it involves filling your brows. If you will be using an eyebrow, ensure to use the one with flat tip. When applying, use the feathery strokes and focus more on the sparse areas.  

Step 6

Highlight the eyebrows

This is about the highlighting of the definition of your brows, that is, giving your eyebrows a deeper and thicker look. To do this, there is need to highlight the brow bone and a brow highlighter pencil can be used to do this. Preferably, you can also use your concealer. Apply highlighter to your brows to define your brows more and even your arch.

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