Sunday, April 7, 2019

How To Rock Red Lipstick

Wearing red lipstick is a classic timeless beauty look, which is loved by most women. Red lips can be worn by everyone gorgeously...
Feel free to wear whatever you wish as some beauty rules should be broken apart. Certain skin tones are being flattered more than other depending on the shades. Women with fair skin and pink undertones look so gorgeous in red.

 If you have a bit deeper skin tone, that is a light-to-medium shade, then pick the real red. There is a big advantage to rocking the classic red shades of lipstick, these shades make the teeth appear whiter adding a glamor to your outlook. Opt for brick red, if you have medium and olivd skin tones as this will look fabulously gorgeous on you. Then for the melanin popping people that is, dark skinned people are quite very lucky when it comes to rocking red lipstick because virtually all shades of red looks absolutely great on them. The real red is the classic choice and also red-oranges. If you are the type with deep skin tone, the ideal choice for you is a plum red having underlines of purple. With the appropriate shade of lipstick, your contrast becomes strikingly gorgeous. This is just all about pairing with the right makeup. The following are tips and tricks for rocking red lipstick. 


  • Blot your lipstick with tissue before leaving the house in order to get rid of the excess. This prevents your lipstick from falling out and lasting you all day long. You can also get rid of the excess by placing your index finger in your mouth, wrap your lips around it and pull out. 
  • Always take your lipstick with you because you will have to reapply the red lipstick over again through the course of the night exceptional for liquid lipstick though. Keep your lipstick in place for easy touch-ups.
  • Keeping the eyes simple when you intend to go bold with your lips as there is a beauty rule guiding that. This is an effortless cool and fresh look even though it looks like something that can't work out. Go simple, just a bit of beige eyeshadow and some swipes of mascara is okay for the eye makeup and go neutral for the cheeks. This is the lastest trend being rocked by celebrities; a no-eye-makeup with a bright red lip.
  • To make your lipstick last longer, fill your entire lip with the lip liner and then apply the lipstick. Consequently, this process adds extra layer of color and if you do not like to alter the appearance of your lipstick, you can simply skip this step and outline your lip with the lip liner. 

It is all about your preference as there is no right formula of lipstick out there. It depends on the look you want to make. A matte lipstick has longer lasting power with minimal touch-ups and there are now advanced solutions of the matte lipstick that won't feel drying on the lips. The matte red lipsticks give you that 'old hollywood' look you have been aspiring for and the more reasons why you chose red lipstick. 

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