Saturday, April 6, 2019

Lipstick Colors For Dark Skin

Getting the appropriate lipstick color especially for darker ladies can be somehow difficult. Dark skinned ladies should always opt for the warm or cool shades of hues...
To determine your skin's undertone, try to peek at the inside of your wrist to know if you have blue or green veins. The blue veins suggest cool undertones while the green veins suggest warm undertones.  
Deep browns and burgundy are the most appropriate for dark skinned ladies. If you desire an extra pop of color as a dark lady, then you can opt for a bright red or orange. Variety of lip shades ranging nude hues to brown hues can be used by dark ladies or caramel complexions. They will reflect light off the lips which makes them look fuller, therefore enable to pick out one with sheer moisturizing shine. 
Undertone is not the only factor to consider when choosing lipstick. Pigment is another factor, regardless of how bright the color looks on the stick; it should not be of low pigment quality as the color pay-off won't be a good one. Opt for the lipsticks with low amounts of compound to ensure high pigment quality .

Gone are those days when dark complexion was downgraded, but in this present time, it is considered beautiful and glamorous. Just like attention given to yellow-skinned ladies, same should be given to dark skinned ladies also to showcase the real beauty. Lipstick shade can make up your whole outlook as well as forfeit the outlook, regardless of your complexion.
This post will help greatly to choose the appropriate lipstick color for yourself especially if you are dark skinned. 

Copper Brown

This color looks so fabulous on dark women providing an appealing look. Any shade of this color blends naturally with dark skinned complexion. Copper brown shade of color matches all kind of outfits and compliments all events. 

Rose Pink

There is a range of colors for different shades of rose. Light up your look with a shade of coral peach or rose pink as these kinds of shades are exclusive to the skin. Customize your look with this great shade of hue.


There is a similarity between rose pink and magenta, and should not be confused with each other. Magenta is a sharper shade of purple which is louder than rose pink. Rose pink is the lighter shade while magenta is the deeper shade. This shade of hue goes with any type of dark skin tone. 

Nude Color

Do you wish for a diva look? Then this is actually for you! If you want to keep it real and simple, then this is the appropriate shade to rock.You can go dramatic by adding bronze to the look. Use the bronze as lining and fill up with nude. 

Chocolate Brown

This is a deeper shade of brown as it is deeper than the copper brown and this explains the difference. This provides natural outlook as it matches the dark skin tone. This is a sophisticated look to try out. 

This is an exclusive color for dark skinned ladies just like pink for fair ladies. This is a general color for dark skinned ladies as it compliments all types of dark skin. 
As a dark skinned lady, always take caution when choosing lipsticks in order not to go for the wrong shade of lipsticks. Differentiate well between the core colors, and wear the best shade. 

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