Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Things That Attract Women To Men!

There are lots of things that get women attracted to men, even though there might be contradictions to that. Notwithstanding, they are relatively appropriate...
Physically, we tend to explain why women get attracted to physical strength. Women have tendency to get attracted to the opposite sex who appears to be stronger because they believe he might live longer than his peers.  

Clear and healthy looking eyes
The eyes are good insight on the level of health of each individual. Healthy eyes depict good living and also they have been known to be the most attractive feature.

Being wealthy signifies power, security, excitement and comfort. This is really an attractive feature to most women.

Being intelligent in academic setting like having good grades is very much attracted to women.

Good posture
From the way you place yourself goes a long way in getting attracted to men. When you have good posture, you are healthy and very likely to get attracted.

Strong will
Being opinionated about things and that gets you attracted. Asking someone question with an interesting response, that is quite attractive. Have strong wills in certain opinions.

Being energetic
It is very attractive when a man is full of energy. Even though it is contagious, most people still don't have enough of it.

Being meticulous in your life
Being attractive to all details in her life is a good thing and enable you to get closer.

Being passionate in every moment of your life and enjoying life is a great thing. You will always find your true love along your journey of life.

Being witty which means being smart in all ways is very attractive to every woman. If you are in a date, then smartness is a very big part of your date.

A confident attitude towards life enables you to be trusted and successful. People can only trust you, when you trust yourself and also women will trust you and get attracted.

Being playful shows you are fun to be with, which triggers much feelings of attraction in women.

Human touch
Being touchy is a powerful way to trigger attention to yourself. People who find joy in touching others are much attractive than people who refrain from human contact. When you intend flirting around a girl, this is most important.

Being alert in emergency situations attracts attention and indicates you will be able to protect her from danger.

An attractive smile
Cocky smiles promote feelings of confidence which is extremely arousing. Genuine smiles are attractive in general. That should be a reaction to occuring things, does not necessarily show you are polite or awkward.

This is defined as being known by lot of people in the society. You become more important when you are known by many people. Therefore, being important is very attractive to women.

Physical height
This provides sense of security and comfort to women. On the contrary, if you are short and can provide the feeling of security to your lover, then it equates to height. Taller people have dominant traits to be attractive. 

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