Monday, March 4, 2019


The Lumberjack shirts are back in vogue and trending, because of the trendy style, this is why it should be own by everyone...
Lumberjack shirts which were once known as the 'Logger shirts' are those unique pieces that suit every guy out there and provide them that cool and cute look. 
Lumberjack shirt is also known as flannel or plaid shirt, it is one of the exquisite yet versatile patterns of clothing outfit to own in this modern day fashion. There are various designer brands having a high or low end and also providing durability and functionality to the trend. In mens' fashion that appears to be selective, this trend stands out as it looks good on everyone. Decide the kind of look you want to wear as a man whether it is that cool looking guy or that street chic guy, connect your look with this trend. Lumberjack shorts has a great advantage of hiding stains than other outfits, therefore there is non-existence in the maintenance feature. The lumberjack shirts have soft properties and therefore are comfortable as weekend outfits and even on weekdays can even be worn  depending on the nature of your work. These chic shirts should be paired with chinos or jeans complimented with leather boots or sneakers. They can be worn alone to make fashion statements. 
Lumberjacks shirts can be worn according to your own choice of man whether a rugged street guy or the cool guy.

For the Street guy

The rugged guy might go for a red hue of color complimented with blue baggy boot-cut jeans and a pair of loafer leather shoes, leaving out the two top buttons unfastened. A white T-shirt might be used as underwear showing off the top style of the T-shirt. The v-neck style of T-shirt should be used here to showcase the trendy fashion.

For the Cool guy

The lumberjack shirts should be in blue color, black or green color with tight fit worn with a skinny black or grey jeans with a pair of designer sneakers. Add statement to the outfit by adding a thin tie and rocking it with a messy hair and not the formal serious looking hair. 
As a fashion star, always avoid being a fashion-victim, be reluctant to swallow the whole trend of a fashion because every fashion trends will always wind back to be old fashion. Look simple in this trend, avoid girly colors like yellow or pink, big zips, brash buttons and all other accessories that shout. 
The most generic of people have worn the lumberjack shirts across all social boundaries and global cultures, be it the gangsters, rail workers, cowboys, hipsters etc. The lumberjack shirt is made interwoven cotton that meets at various appropriate angles. This provides warmth and also add weight, this lumberjack shirt can still be worn in slight cold times because of its warmth properties.
Never go for the sleeveless version of lumberjack shirts but the redneck look, and never make ironing of lumberjack shirts a habit. Looking rumbled all day in your closet like you do not have the time or busy trashing out some business issues is the appropriate look for lumberjack shirts. 

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