Tuesday, March 5, 2019

BEAUTY GLAMOR: How To Make The Whites Of Your Eyes Whiter!

Do you have a tired skin with yellow eyes? With yellow or red eyes, you look unhealthy and even older than your age. Having yellow eyes can be signs of health issues, like toxic...
formation, allergic reactions and other related health issues.
After being assured of your health meaning when your yellow eyes are not due to health issues, then you have these tips of making the whites of your eyes whiter.
Explore the wonderful tips for eye-whitening!

They are natural tips as well as the makeup tips. The natural tips tends to be permanent solution to yellow eyes but require time for the result to be effective as it requires gradual process. Contrarily, the makeup tips are the artificial way to manipulate you have white eyes which would be gone after the makeup is down.


Carrots: Increase the consumption of carrots, because carrots are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C which promotes brighter healthy eyes. Vitamin C in particular helps in brightening the eyes because it prevent the buildup of debris that come to the eyes.

Avoid consuming Caffeine:  Caffeine causes hydration to your body and it is usually contain in our coffee. Therefore, when you are taking a glass of coffee or any caffeinated tea; always compliment it with an equal balance of drinking water to offset the hydration in the caffeine. Stay a little faraway from coffee or any other caffeinated drink as they dehydrate your body causing havoc to your eyes.

 Avoiding Fats and Sugary food:  Everyone is a lover of candy and junk food. We all have to understand the fact that sugary foods and food containing fats are not doing any benefit to our body, consuming foods with high sugar content and fat will only have extreme bad effects on you. These kind of food are toxins that make your liver fail as the toxins take over your body system resulting in yellow eyes. Avoid the consumption of sugary and high fat foods to ensure the whiteness of your eyes.

Avoid Irritation: Avoid irritation from from smoke, dust and other toxic releases. An avoidance of these, will help your eyes stay whiter. A smoker can not have white eyes, so stay away from your friends that smoke and live in dust-free area to avoid having yellow or red eyes.


Glittering white eyeshadow: When white glittering eyeshadow are being used on the eye area, there will be a difference as the emphasize on the eyes making your eyes look whiter. Also, when the dark areas of your eyes are brightened, then you will appear fresh and whitening those yellow or red eyes.

Blue or Black Eyeliner/Mascara: This is where the real manipulation comes up. Use your favourite dark colored mascara or eyeliner to highlight your eyes to make them appear whiter.  A blue eyeliner or even eyeshadow will always counteract with the yellow or red color of your eyes leaving them out to be whiter. When applying foundation, tap some concealer on the upper and lower eyelids and also applying your eyeliner at the bottom lash line will go a long way and produce an effective result as this highlight and exaggerate the eyes to appear whiter.

Always try to wear sunglasses when outside to protect your eyes from wind and UV rays. Having whiter eyes promotes our natural beauty and makes us look fresh and younger than our age. Go through this post as it helps greatly to ensure that the whites of your eyes look whiter.
Go beautiful!

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