Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Types Of Trousers Every Woman Should Own!

As a fashion star, there are certain must-haves for any fashion lover out there. A woman's wardrobe/closet is still incomplete without some set of...
fashion styles, there we have the following set of trousers as must-have in every woman's wardrobe.

Boyfriend Jeans

This is one of the 90s fashion making a comeback to limelight, and it is assured it is certainly worth the comeback as it one of those 90s fashion that should be retained in today's fashion. The boyfriend jeans provide an edge to your look and also an exquisite look. This type of jeans is not the customary tight fitting trouser that squeeze your legs, they provide space and free breath to your legs. On occasion of wearing this type of trouser, it can be complimented with heels or a pair of chic designers or flats when going casual.

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are very fashionable as well as providing that free ventilation to your body because they are far from being tight. They are the very loose type of trousers yet still stylish as no one can go wrong with this fashion style. They are also tailored ones that can be complimented with a well-fitted shirt. They can be worn with stilletos and also pump shoes. This is not the type of trouser to be paired with sneakers.

Denim Jeans

Denim jeans here are the fitted type of jeans that hug your figure or body shape. They are different types and sizes of this type of denim jeans. Denim/jean is one of the wardrobe essential for everyone, when shopping for one, make sure you choose the one that fits you better. Denims can be worn for casual or formal occasions depending on how you combine them. For a casual outing, the denim can be worn with a chic fitted top complimented with a pair of sneakers. For a formal outing, they can be worn with a lumbershirt or even a blazer with the conventional office shoes.


These have variety of designs, prints, colors and patterns as they add glamor to your outfit. They can be termed as the most comfortable wear ever as they are elastic in nature and they do not really vary in sizes. There is also a version of it in denim called jeggings.There are monochrone designs, floral prints, plain and also geometric prints of leggings which can be paired with tops, top gowns or as a layer under outfits.

Cropped Trousers

These types of trousers are suitable for all body shapes and types. They are advantageous as they reveal the beauty of the blouse paired with them. They can be worn for casual and formal outings, the way they are paired or combined is what matters most. Most often, they should be paired with chicer blouses or tops to showcase the beauty glamor of the entire outfit.

Wide-leg Pants

These pants provide your legs to look longer. They can be worn to any type of occasion be it; an evening party, formal occasion and other casual activities. They provide women with slim bodies to look more well-rounded, this should be a choice to shorter women and slim ladies. The most appropriate ones should have fitting at the top and pool over at the bottom.

Sports Pants

Every woman should have a sporty pant to wear to the gym, as weekend wear or casual wear. They are comfortable to wear as they should gotten in a cool color or betterstill your favourite color.

Women and ladies, check your wardrobe or closet, make sure every piece of these listed type of trousers are in your closet. If otherwise, shop for the rest to make fashion statements everywhere you go.
Be a fashionista!

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