Monday, March 11, 2019


Discovering your own personal style is a perfect way to start. Its time to unveil you kind of person when it comes to fashion and understanding who you really are...
When personal style is given chance, you will be able to determine what style is right for you and the one that is not right and identifying which fashion combination of possibilities work for you.
Your personal style evolves and changeable over time on the basis of your lifestyle. Be specific on what you intend presenting to the world in terms of your fashion sense, your fashion ideas should be unique irrespective of your stage in life. After acknowledging your favorite colors, loving your body physique then discover your own personal style to build an exquisite closet.

Define your style

There exist some common style personalities, read through them and discover which is more related to your lifestyle. As we have different body figures; so we must be different in styles. Choose the style that will perfect your body figure.
These are tips and guidelines to help discover your personal style prior to the your body figure.
Feature out what matters most to you in terms of dressing. Collate some key descriptive words and summary of how you would describe yourself to the fashion world. All these should be taken into account first before drawing out your personal traits on fashion.

Natural look

When feeling comfortable in clothes matters most to you than providing some chic statements which might come with little discomfort, then you are the type that prefers the natural outlook. Simple designs are your own preferred choice over detailed dressing. You invest in the conventional clothing, like cotton top, denims, lightweight fabrics and minimal load of accessories with simple footwear, all focused on comfort.

Artistic look

If your own way of dressing is innovative and creative, that you love creating fabulous statements with your dressing and not following trends. You tend to reveal your personality through your clothing choices, putting together different pieces gotten from diverse sources. You are your own fashion designer, making different colors, textures and prints the wardrobe essential. You make bold jewelry statements so as footwear and other accessories.

Romantic look

If you have a soft appearance with a preference for flowing silhouettes and calm colors, then you will have a romantic look. You will love extra fashion details like bows, ruffles, pleats and designing lace most times on your clothes in simple styles and choosing them in pretty feminine colors like pink, purple, blue etc. Floral print outfits will be your first class preference. Your accessories and footwears choices will always have extra fashion details like ballet flats.

Chic modern look

You are likely to have the chic modern look; if you are the type that loves accessories, spending more on latest trendy bags and footwear even more that clothes. You love experimenting with trends and you do your shoppings carefully in order to get what is in vogue and always looking forward to a trend that does not compliment any existing piece in your closet. Avoiding bright colors and getting neutral tones to avoid being too selective when paired with other pieces. You tend to make balance of your pieces with a great fashion statement.

Dramatic look

If you are the type that cares more about fashion precedence than comfort, willing to give up comfort to set new extreme fashion look, then you are the dramatic type. You prefer to wear anything to create great fashion statement even it comes with little discomfort; in as much you are making a dramatic look that will always call for a second look, you do not care about comfort. Your added details are always great like using a bold lip color or eye catching shoe.

Style is a way to describe oneself without saying a word! Be creative in your style yet humble in your look.

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