Saturday, March 16, 2019

Fashion Guide For Women In Their 50s

Being in your fifty may turn to be your new fourty, still not an opportunity to raid your daughter's watdrobe...
As we all know, as women age, their even toned body and voluptuous figure start to shift and sag. Your formerly fitted clothes won't longer fit and even the clothes worn during your 30s wont fit anymore. When you clock your 50, then its absolutely the time to update and upgrade your wardrobe. Envy women in their 50s like our favourite celebrities Shaffy Bello and Ireti Doyle.
There is a saying that 'dressing younger than your age does not make you look younger'. People keep eyes on the local outfits of a woman in her 50 and once they notice you're doing otherwise, then it would be concluded that you are not a forever 21. Even keeping local outfits, that does not necessarily mean you can't look adorable and also have fun in your closet. Being in 50 should not be unfashionable, it should be all about comfort and elegance.

Gone are those days when trousers were forbidden at office? Place of work has now become more casual and now in doubt about what appropriate casual look to wear to workplace.
In today's fashion, office looks range from jeans and segregated trouser to power suits, blazers and pumps. Dressing choices among the extremes mentioned will be suitable for female professionals in their 50s. Expand your wardrobe yet still saving money by engaging in mix-match and wardrobe essentials and accessories, you will look fabulously gorgeous.

There are basic rules when it comes to fashion, so prior to achieving basic pieces, follow up these basic rules:

  • Invest in clothes that fit
  • Identify and understand your likes and dislikes.
  • Know the kind of outfit to exaggerate and the ones to camouflage
  • As a woman in her 50s, do not follow trends. Stay away from what is in vogue and wear what looks good and fit your lifestyle.

Professional Tips
  • Update your style rules and step up in style.
  • Invest in pieces made of quality fabrics that are tailored to flatter your shape.

Classic pieces wardrobe essentials
  • White shirt
  • Wool pants in dark colors like black, navy-blue, ash or khaki.
  • Leather jacket or blazer
  • Invest in shoes: a black low-heel shoes, a pump, an evening shoe and also casual shoe.
  • Pencil skirt with mid-knee length fitted for your body figure
  • Trench coat
  • Match prints according to color tone.
  • Do not match your handbag with shoes.
  • Mix with bargain pieces like accessories and tops in quality basics.

Your fashion game and life should never leave the field when at 50 or nearing your 50s. Never let anyone make you feel being in 50 means frumpy, there is a big no to that, you should even be more fashionable at that age because you will be having some sagging areas and squeeze areas in your body, so you have to choose the appropriate dressing to cover up the flaws and exaggerate your lovable parts.

Women just like wine age gracefully and only get better with time. Even though a pair of ripped jeans wont be quite appealing but who says looking chic and fashionable means rocking ripped clothes? You can look good and fabulous in simple styled and exquisute clothes.

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