Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How To Overcome Shyness And Anxiety

Some people feel shy at one time or the other while some people feel shy almost all times restricting them from participating in social functions and situations... Shy people always feel like coming close and interacting with people, but having the fear of being criticized or rejected. Due to that, they try to avoid the social functions. Consequently, they feel lonely and isolated thereby increasing the risk of developing problems like anxiety and depression. 

Social confidence works in the same way as learning something new. Feeling anxious is cool but never try to avoid social interactions. When you eliminate the avoidance given to social interactions, then you will overcome shyness and anxiety. Confidence comes through action and practice. 

Take chances
Take chances and utilize opportunity by meeting and interacting with new people. Participate by engaging in small talks with strangers at places of luxury like bars, stores or gym. In addition, approach individually to get attracted to people. Never care about being rejected, make offers. 

Assign a role to yourself
Assigning a role to yourself gives you sense of purpose and guidelines for the way you behave to others. Everyone wants to feel liked and accepted in all settings. To have things done right, take a role for yourself like making people feel interested or making people feel welcomed. 

Curiousity about others
In social gatherings, focus more on others than yourself. Try to find out why people are in a particular place, who they really are and their hobbies. With these, you will different things to focus on and also generate further conversations. Everyone has a story to tell, have listening ears for others. In order to find yourself interesting, find others interesting. People find pleasure talking about themselves. 

Soften your inner dialogue
Your inner critic can cause you a lot of emotional damage, stealing away your peace of mind and self-esteem. Shy people criticize themselves so much and their inner dialogue are always in harsh form including things they would never say to other people. People who judge themselves harshly are always quick to conclude that others will judge the same way. Always have an inner voice that acts as your own good friend not enemy that criticizes all time. Notice the good things about yourself and learn to reply your critic. When your inner critic blames you for a certain action, remember that no one enjoys being criticized but everyone tries to manage out of it. When your inner critic tells you no one will listen or like you, then reply by saying you liking yourself is the most paramount. Learn to interact with yourself in a kind tone in order to overcome your shyness and anxiety. 

Social situation functions as social skill workout therefore, any social gathering you put yourself is like a workout to you. The more social engagement you get, the better you get out of your shyness. If you are the type with severe shyness, there are other effective treatments for shyness like group and individual therapies. If you feel this is beneficial to you, then consult a mental-health professional. 

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