Thursday, March 7, 2019

First Impression When Sighting A Hijabi

Hijab has always been a way of expressing modesty as Islam has given regard to the hijab women as they shield themselves from being...
exposed to people who can do anything wrong with the sensitive creation of Allah. 
Hijab simply means protection from the wicked sight of the society. As we all know that, women or young ladies with provocative dressing are prone to be victim of rape and all sorts of assaults. Islam has protected sisters, daughters, mothers and wives who accept the doctrine of Islam by introducing this beautiful adorable way to the females in Islam. 
My first impression about a lady wearing hijab is PRESTIGE because a lady who actually can stand the test of not being stared at by men and go for the orders of her creator deserves that respect and high prestige. 
However, Islam also compelled the men to lower their gaze, that is, avoid to stare at women especially those that are not their wives. There should be reciprocal of respect between men and women. Religious men do not stare at women or hurl insults at them whatsoever. These type of men will benefit in this world and thereafter. 
Women wearing hijabs as defined by Islam and do not attract men in which they do keep themselves from sexual ills, they will be saved from cruel sights and also with the benefit that they are fulfilling their duties to Allah as there is individual accountability in Islam. Consequently, if stared at by any man who is not married to them, then the man will be accountable to Allah. 

Impressions from a hijab girl

  • People keep wondering if they actually chose the headscarf themselves or it is a compulsion on them. Making enquiry from them will let you know most of them made wearing hijab a choice and not a compulsion. Even you might still think their choice of hijab is as a result of peer pressure, pressure from family or acquintances. Whichever way, it is still their choice, so respect it. 
  • When you sight a hijab girl at first, you have this impression of being a symbol to them. You feel they just wear it because Allah ordained them to wear it and also because it is important to them and to make impression to other muslim girls that are still reluctant. Notwithstanding, whichever way it is or whatever reason it is, respect their courage of wearing because it is much more adorable than an expensive jewelry.
  • Hijabs are not as ugly or awkward as you think. There are still fashionable ways in which you can rock hijabs chicly as in my previous post 'trendy hijab styles for chic school girls'. Not being allowed to expose your head or neck, its just to keep low your beauty and body to keep off from irresponsible men and divert bad and evil eyes from you. Do not be afraid or shy to wear it. (Hijab is the true definition of beauty)

Respect hijab, adore hijab and wear hijab! 

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