Friday, March 8, 2019


Casual clothes are the ones worn voluntarily at your own leisure time. Its a tasking one to differentiate between a 'casual wear' and a 'business casual' because they are...
some 'smart casuals' that should never be worn to the work place.
Achieving a great wardrobe highly depends on the nature of your job. While people who work at standards industries with high relaxation like art, web technology would always love themselves priding on a more relaxed and unconventional look, business/corporate wears to them are hardly to define. People who work in organizations have more invest on business wears than they do to casual outfits. Therefore, your casual wardrobe depends on your work type whether it is fancier or less dressy. 

To look outstanding when it comes to fashion is just to wear unique pieces whose replica can not easily be found on someone else. Looking exquisite does not mean you should always wear wild and geometric prints, the tip is just to set low in an unique style and slay effortlessly in your own fashion. You don't have to make great efforts to look unique or stand out.

Behold these simple ways to look unique in your casual wears and to elevate your casual style.
Our Favorite celebrity serving us the casual styles goal is Ini-Dima Okojie.


Layering simply means when additional pieces are added to your outfit probably in form of accessories. Examples of layers are blazer, jacket, cardigan, hat, cross-strip bag or even scarf. 
Add more to your outfit to make people always take a second look on you. There are benefits to this as you can change your outlook on a go, remove the blazer when you get hot and flunging it around your shoulder would provide another style of fashion. The only disadvantage in layering is the added warmth and won't be a likeness during summer seasons. 

Work more on Your Accents

Accents here are those ornaments used to adorn your outfits, as these give people something to remember you about. Conventionally, there are not the normal body covering pieces, not trouser, jacket or shirt, they are the stylish pieces added to enrich your look. When an upgrade is made on this, you can turn your regular clothes to something unique. It can be a colored leather belt, canvas shoes, metallic buckle or an exquisite watch. 


Choosing tailoring as an option for business clothing might be a good one because casual styles benefit much from this. Even though there are some clothes whose construction must not be tampered with like blazers yet there are so many other pieces to alter in your own personal style to look unique. Casual outfits should not look sloppy because you tend to showcase your own personal taste and style.
You have to tailor the fit of your clothes for people to feel your fashion greatness.


Make experiments by shopping at unique stores and getting some unique wears that are different from your everyday style. Change your mode of combining outfits and you will always achieve some great casual styles. Try long sleeved shirts that are not the collared ones, make great substitution and you will be a star. 

If you start dressing better, you might first look overdressed but never worry in as much you are not wearing casual wears to business settings and wearing business outfits to non-business settings. Be confident in your dressing and watch how you live to enjoy your fashion life!

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