Sunday, March 3, 2019

How To Enhance A Long Lasting Foundation

Foundation is being applied to conceal the flaws on our faces, leaving the skin looking even toned and more radiant...
Who does not desire that full coverage with long lasting power?

Watch out for the following tips to help enhance the long lasting power of your foundation making you look younger and ageless! 
Enhance a clean face
Always ensure you clean and wash your face before providing any base for moisturizer. You may use a mild face wash or clean cold water to enhance a clean face. By doing this, it removes the dust and dirt away from skin which might result in blocked pores and breakouts on your skin. Cleaning of the face should always be the first before applying any form of makeup on your face. 
The usage of moisturizer gives a good and moisturized base to prepare the skin for a long lasting foundation. This provides the foundation a long lasting stay on the face without a dry and cakey look. Moisturizing is one of the oldest tips used to keep the moisture on the skin and also to avoid dry skin as it is used by girls. If your skin looks oily after the application of a moisturizer, just blot the face with a tissue paper as it helps to soak additional oil on the face. Always be mindful of this, because it is paramount to keep the skin oil free.

After moisturizing the skin, apply a primer that compliments your skin. Avoid the primer getting mixed with the moisturizer, better wait for few minutes to ensure the moisturizer gets deeply into the skin and avoiding the mixture with the primer. After waiting for some minutes, then apply the primer which allows for a smooth and even foundation application. 
Foundation Brush
This is actually part of the important thing for a flawless coverage on the skin. The usage of foundation brush helps to provide evenly distribution of the foundation effortlessly on the face, leaving it looking natural and glowing. With the use of a good foundation brush, the makeup will not look cakey but smooth and radiant because the use of brush to apply foundation presses down the pigment of the skin to enable it adapt the foundation. 
Choose an oil-free foundation
Always choose quality foundation that has oil-free properties and a long lasting feature. If you choose an oily foundation, this will mess up all your makeup as it will get melted away after some time and also gives a cakey makeup because the oil available in the foundation will be released out after few moments. Oil free makeups in general, tends to stay longer on the skin because of the absence of oil in them.

Pick a Loose Powder
Loose powder seal off the foudation applied earlier on the skin and also creates additional layer to the skin that acts as a top coat to the makeup. After a liquid foundation is used, always finish up by using a loose powder. For a long lasting foundation, creating layers of makeups is very cogent and that is why it is most important to conclude with loose powder to ensure a natural look.

The above listed tips work well to enable a long lasting foundation. Go through the list and never achieve a broken or cakey foundation application. Looking good is very important in our day-to-day activities, so step up in your fashion game. Stay naturally beautiful by ensuring a long lasting foundation to your face! 

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